• 2000 students och 11 study programmes

    About 2000 students study at the school and we host 8 study programmes at undergraduate level, and 3 master's programmes.

    Study at EST

  • Research in two areas

    The School’s research is focused on two of the research areas at Mälardalen University: Industrial Economics and Organisation, and Environment, Energy- and Resource Optimization.

    Research at EST

The School of Business, Society and Engineering

The School of Business, Society and Engineering hosts education and research within a wide range of fields: from business administration, economics and political science, to energy, building and environmental engineering.


  • As a student, member of staff or alumnus at MDH you have access to the career portal, HigherEd, where you can apply for a placement or a job abroad. This service is provided by EFMD (the European Foundation for Management Development), which is an organisation for Higher Education and companies in the field of business and economics, and of which the University is a member.

  • SAFECOMP is the name of Europe's largest conference in critical computer applications, focusing on safety, reliability and security. MDH, has been entrusted by the EWICS (European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems), to organize the 37th edition of SAFECOMP, which will be held in Sweden for the first time, in 2018.

  • Gabriel Campeanu, who recently defended his doctoral thesis in Computer Science, has come up with an improvement to an existing method to facilitate the development of embedded systems, that is, the computer systems that control the technology around us. With the newly developed means, modern applications such as autonomous vehicles, can have a speed up regarding their development and performance.