• 2000 students och 11 study programmes

    About 2000 students study at the school and we host 8 study programmes at undergraduate level, and 3 master's programmes.

    Study at EST

  • Research in two areas

    The School’s research is focused on two of the research areas at Mälardalen University: Industrial Economics and Organisation, and Environment, Energy- and Resource Optimization.

    Research at EST

The School of Business, Society and Engineering

The School of Business, Society and Engineering hosts education and research within a wide range of fields: from business administration, economics and political science, to energy, building and environmental engineering.


  • To meet the climate crisis at global level, the natural sciences are joining forces with the social sciences and the humanities. Therefore a new international association, BRIDGES, is being formed during 2019, which includes UNESCO, several other international scientific organisations and leading institutions of higher educaiton, among them Mälardalen University, MDH. Its concluding workshop is now being held in Sigtuna, where the action programme is being drawn up.

  • Google is looking for future employees by inviting students from the Nordic countries to come behind the scenes at the company’s European Head Office in Dublin on 4–6 November.

  • Västerås consolidates its role as Sweden's energy capital when MDH hosts the conference "International Conference in Applied Energy" with over 800 energy researchers from 54 countries.