Noushan Memar - About Me

I am a Doctoral student in Industrial Economics and Management at Mälardalen University. I have a BSc. in Management from the Eurasia International University in Yerevan, Armenia and a MSc. in Business administration with specialization in International Marketing from the Mälardalen University. I am also a PhD candidate at the Swedish Graduate Business School of Management and IT (MIT) and alumni at the Nordic Research School of International Business (NORD-IB).

Alongside my PhD studies, I am a teacher and administrator for courses in the International Business Management and International Marketing programs. Moreover, I have working experiences in marketing, finance and accounting.

Research Area

My research focuses on strategy and management of the Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) especially subsidiary strategic management. I look into the situations and challenges of the organizational change, specially the change in a subsidiary’s mandates. The main foci of my research are on R&D mandating, the strategic roles of subsidiary Management and subsidiary managerial activities intra and inter to the MNE.

Current Project

Software development in industrial networks & Economic aspects of software development.

Primarily, this project aims to study the dynamics of industrial networks amongst subsidiaries of the Swedish MNEs. The project maps the value chains of the MNEs spread out over the networks and the costs of this disaggregation for the MNEs and their subsidiaries. Another objective of this project is to create a basis for analysis of the possible effects that fine slicing of R&D has for Swedish industry and possible strategies for success in this changing industrial environment.

Participants: Esbjörn Segelod, Ulf Andersson, Edward Gillmore, Noushan Memar.


Principle Supervisor: Ulf Andersson, Ph.D., Professor at Mälardalen University; Adjunct Professor at BI Norwegian Business School

Assistant Supervisor: Peter Ekman, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Mälardalen University.

Year of Admission: 2014