About me – Linda Höglund

I’m a senior lecturer in Business Administration at the School of Business, Society and Engineering (EST). I’m also part of the Academy of Management Accounting and Control in Central Government (AES), Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. I teach within management and marketing with a special focus on strategy and entrepreneurship. I conduct research in mainly strategic management, entrepreneurship and strategic entrepreneurship within a context of public sector using qualitative methods. Currently i mainly work with two large projects following the strategic work at Swedish Public Employment Service and Region Stockholm.

My background

I got my PhD degree in business administration in April 2013. My doctoral thesis Discursive practices in Strategic Entrepreneurship: Discourses and Repertoires in two Firms was selected as one of the candidates for Wallander, a stipendium from Handelsbanken that gave me a 3-year scholarship to conduct research.
I have been an active member at the Academy of Management Accounting and Control in Central Government (AES) – a joint project between Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University and twenty central government agencies in Sweden – since I got my PhD.

My research

Within AES I have conducted several research projects. Currently I am doing research on two of our larger central agencies in Sweden – the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Public Employment Services – focusing on the implementation aspects of strategy work. I also study Region Stockholm (previously addressed as Stockholm County Council) and their strategic work. Another important project has been the study of Robotdalen, a collaborative initiative between the public and private sector. Robotdalen is an important part of the innovation system as an enabler of commercial success.

My primary research area

  • Entrepreneurship I established organizations
  • Strategic entrepreneurship
  • Strategy work
  • Qualitative research
  • Public sector

Selected publications

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