About me – Anette Hallin

I am a trained and experienced lecturer with a Master of Secondary Education (Stockholm University/Uppsala University, 1994); a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management (The Royal Institute of Technology, 2009) and currently an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer)/Docent in Business Administration (MDH, 2015), specializing in Organisation Studies.

My research

My research is about how organising takes place as on-going and messy processes and how we may understand this better. I take an interest in how change happens through the connection of the technology/the material and organising/the social. I have studied such processes in the context of:

  • cities
  • projects and temporary organisations
  • collaboration in and across organisational borders
  • research
  • waste management
  • digitalisation of work/management.

My assignments

During 2015–2016 I led The Collaboration Program, which aims at developing knowledge about organisational collaboration. I am also one of two directors for one of the programs within The Social Contract: Sustainable Societal Development. As of January 2017 I am head of the discipline Organisation, which is the subject of the New Management Practices group (NMP), consisting of researchers/teachers at MDH who take an interest in/teach about organisation and management. I am the program manager of a research program during 2017–2019, where researchers in four projects do research on Digitized management in Sweden and the UK. During 2017 I also do research/act as vice project manager of the Digitized Work and Organising project, which primarily is focusing on the Swedish steel industry. Furthermore, I am one of the founders of the After methods in organisation studies conferences; a bi-annual conference about scientific methods.  

I have written text books on project management and scientific work, and my teaching is primarily within these areas, on undergraduate, graduate as well as on doctoral levels. I supervise students and PhD-candidates and am involved in various projects related to pedagogical development. I have for example been part of the groups developing a new master program in Business Administration and the new engineering program in Industrial Engineering and Management.   

A lot of the work I do takes place in collaboration with other groups, within MDH as well as within various public and private organisations. Occasionally, I take on tasks as an expert, advisor, lecturer or moderator. I have extensive experiences of working in international projects and from management teams, and I have on a number of occasions been trusted to perform various roles in nomination committees and boards.


A selection of 7 projects which I am/have been involved in:
Project  Research group  Project leader  Project sponsor 
After method in organization studies - workshop about research method Economic Sciences – NMP group Anette Hallin, Lucia Crevani 2017 EST/MDH
Contextual project management Economic Sciences – NMP group Anette Hallin Wallander Foundation
Digitalized Work and Management Economic Sciences – NMP group Lucia Crevani, Anette Hallin Vinnova
Digitized management – what can we learn from England and Sweden? Economic Sciences – NMP group Anette Hallin, Lucia Crevani FORTE
Project organising – organising projects Economic Sciences – NMP group The Swedish Research Councilt, Vafabmiljö, and The Societal Contract
Shaping the sustainable city - the case of Stockholm Royal Seaport Economic Sciences – NMP group Anette Hallin, Tina Karrbom Gustavsson, KTH Wallander Foundation
Societal collaboration: Mine the gap Economic Sciences – NMP group Anette hallin The Social Contract