Ying Yang

I am a PhD candidate in Renewable Energy Commercialization at Mälardalen University. I got my bachelor degree from Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China.

About my research

The doctoral research is interdisciplinary based covering both energy and economy areas with focus on renewable energy penetration including (1) the sustainable business model integration with entrepreneurship applying into the clean energy development; (2) technology innovations and transfers integrated for the implementation of clean technology projects; (3) barriers analysis including financial, institutional and other issues related to clean technology implementation; (4) new financial and investment tools and framework in clean technology innovation; (5) incentives including marketing pattern, regulatory and intermediary mechanisms etc.

Principle Supervisor: Jinyue Yan, Ph.D., Professor at Mälardalen University and Royal Institute of Technology.

Assistant Professors: Peter Ekman, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Mälardalen University; Ulf Andersson, Ph.D., Professor at Mälardalen University, Adjunct Professor at BI Norwegian Business School.

Current research projects

Projekt  Forskargrupp  Projektansvarig  Huvudfinansiär 
FREE – Genomförbarhet av förnybar energi integrerad med energilagring i byggnader Framtidens energi Jinyue Yan KK-stiftelsen
MAGNITUDE – en ny magnitud av integrationsflexibilitet genom användning av multi-energibärare Framtidens energi Jinyue Yan EU:s Horizon 2020-program
iREST – Integrering av förnybar energi och lagringsteknologier i fastigheter Framtidens energi Jiniye Yan KK-stiftelsen
Feasibility of Renewable Energy Integrated with Energy Storage in Buildings (FREE)