About me – Xin Zhao

I am an assistant professor within the Simulation and Optimization for Future Industrial Applications (SOFIA) research group in the Future Energy Center (FEC) at Mälardalen University (MDH). My research work experience and focus include the conceptual design of heat exchangers (mainly for aero engine applications) using both numerical methods and experiments, and aircraft propulsion system design and assessment.


I obtained my PhD degree in thermo- and fluid dynamics from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden in 2016 for my research on aero engine intercooling. Since 2010 I have started to work within E.U. funded future aero engine development projects, New Aero-engine Core Concepts (NEWAC) and Low Emissions Core-Engine Technologies (LEMCOTEC). Within these two projects, an intercooler system has been developed for high OPR geared core turbofan by the means of CFD. In the later part of my PhD study, a 3D printed prototype of the intercooler has been built and tested using PIV against the design data. This work was funded by Swedish research program TURBOPOWER.

Current project work

In September 2017 I started to work at MDH on the E.U. funded Cleansky2 Horizon2020 project Turbo Electric Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE). In this project – together with the partners TU Berlin, University of Nottingham, Modelon AB, DLR and ONERA – we are going to establish a state-of-the-art design environment for hybrid electric aircraft.

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TRADE – Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment Framtidens energi Konstantinos Kyprianidis EC Horizon 2020 (Clean Sky 2)