Xiangjun Wang

I am a guest researcher within the Future Energy Center at the School of Business, Society and Engineering. My research at MDH focuses on the flow battery, which will be the key technology for the future energy storage in renewable energy power plant due to its advantage of safety and low-cost.

My background

I obtained my Ph.D. in material science from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, working with nanomaterials for the electrochemical energy storage technology, such as supercapacitors, lithium-sulfur batteries and so on. Before my time as a Ph.D. candidate, I studied wood science with a focus on corrosion protection and chemical modification.

My research interests

Due to my interdisciplinary background, my current research interests are based on the environmentally-friendly batteries with high energy density and safety since I joined Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, China, as a lecturer in 2016.