About me – Worrada Nookuea

I am a PhD candidate in Energy Engineering at the School of Business, Society and Engineering and a part of the Future Energy Centre (FEC). I have received a Swedish licentiate degree in Energy Engineering from Mälardalen University (MDH), Sweden.

Research interest

My research focuses on carbon capture and storage technologies. I have conducted both modelling and experimental works related to the chemical absorption process for post combustion capture. Currently, I am working on the MAGNITUDE project (bringing flexibility provided by multi energy carrier integration to a new magnitude) and the NET-RAPIDO project (negative emission technologies: readiness assessment, policy instrument design, options for governance and dialogue), and I am also coordinating  the International Clean Energy Talent Program (iCET). 

Current research projects

Projekt  Forskargrupp  Projektansvarig  Huvudfinansiär 
MAGNITUDE – en ny magnitud av integrationsflexibilitet genom användning av multi-energibärare Framtidens energi Jinyue Yan EU:s Horizon 2020-program
NET-RAPIDO: Teknik för negativa utsläpp: bedömning av beredskap, design av policyinstrument... Framtiden energi Jinyue Yan Energimyndigheten

Research projects I have participated in

• VR-CCS “Thermo-physical properties of carbon dioxide mixtures with impurities and their impacts on carbon capture and storage”