About me – Smruti Sahoo

I am an energy engineer and admitted as PhD student at EST/MDH as part of the SOFIA research group within Future Energy Centre (FEC). I am currently working for Turbo Electric Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE), a collaborative project under Clean Sky 2 initiative funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project consortium includes Modelon AB, Technical University Berlin, University of Nottingham, and ABB AB. The work is carried out in collaboration with DLR, ONERA, Airbus, Delft University, and NLR.

My Background

I hold a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from India. After that I have worked for ten years in the power sector industry in both India and Sweden on different topics related to load flow simulation studies, modelling of power system dynamics for stability and security constrained economic dispatching studies, etc. Also, I have gained experience on the economics and policy aspects of power market operation, and in formulating strategic business models for industries based on market analysis both in Asian and European markets. My previous employers are:  utility and energy consulting companies in India, General Electric (GE), and ABB Corporate Research Centre (ABB CRC) in Sweden. Moreover, I have finished my masters’ studies in sustainable energy systems at MDH in the year 2016. 

My research

Research interests

  • Performance improvement in aero-turbine engine through optimum designing.
  • Building system level model for gas turbine plant.
  • Adoption of the hybrid electric architecture in aircraft design.
  • Energy efficiency improvement through adoption of disruptive technology.
  • Enhancement energy technologies particular to energy storage, power electronics, in machine and drives.

The TRADE Project

The research under the TRADE project at MDH would focus on the development and application of a conceptual design platform for analysis and optimization of different hybrid-electric architecture in propulsion systems. The objective of the TRADE project will be to assess the environmental and economical impact of hybrid propulsion system technology with impact from hypothetical future fuel price and taxation scenarios on the design, availability of future research funding, market growth in the mature and emerging economies, the progress of climate change and regulations imposed on aviation emissions and energy consumption. 

Projekt  Forskargrupp  Projektansvarig  Huvudfinansiär 
TRADE – Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment Framtidens energi Konstantinos Kyprianidis EC Horizon 2020 (Clean Sky 2)