About me – Sebastian Schwede

Since 2014, I am a senior researcher and lecturer in environmental engineering at the Future Energy Centre at Mälardalen University. I am working with the concept of circular economy in order to recover energy and nutrients from municipal and industrial waste streams, and increasing the share of biomass-derived renewable energy in energy systems.

My background

I received a master diploma in biology with focus on microbiology, biochemistry and biotechnology, and a PhD (Dr.-Ing) in mechanical engineering from Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany, where I worked with the “Investigation and optimization of the biogas potential of the marine microalga Nannochloropsis salina” (title of the thesis).

My research focus

Due to a background in both natural sciences and engineering, my research is based on an interdisciplinary, holistic approach. Moreover, I have lead and worked within numerous projects (e.g. PyrAD – Integration of pyrolysis in anaerobic digestion; WASTE-MAN - Water and sludge integrated management in biomass power plants) conducted in close collaboration with industry and society.

Other activities

Beside the research activities, I am a lecturer in environmental engineering, teaching students in first, second and third cycle about the connection of natural resources, climate and energy, waste handling, sustainable consumption and circular economy.



I am/have been involved in these projects:
Projekt  Forskargrupp  Projektansvarig  Huvudfinansiär 
ABOWE Framtidens energi Eva Thorin EU, Östersjöprogrammet
COSSMICA- Samrötning av avloppsslam och mikroalger Future Energy center Eva Thorin KKS profilen Future Energy
FutureE – Nätbaserade kurser på avancerad nivå Framtidens energi Ann-Catrin Davis, Monica Odlare och Adnan Causevic KK-Stiftelsen
MAASICA – Mikroalgbaserad aktivslamprocess integrerad med samrötning av alger och slam Framtidens energi Eva Thorin KKS-profilen Future Energy
PyrAD-Integrering av pyrolys i rötning Framtidens energi Sebastian Schwede Framtidens energi
WASTE MAN - Integrerad hantering av vatten och slam i biomassakraftverk Framtidens energi Hailong Li KK-stiftelsen