About me – Moksadur Rahman

I am a doctoral student within the SOFIA (Simulation and Optimization for Future Industrial Applications) research group in the Future Energy Center at Mälardalen University, Sweden. I am carrying out my research within the FUDIPO (Future Directions for Process industry Optimization) project, funded by EU and in close collaboration with BillerudKorsnas-Gavle, an integrated pulp and paper mill from Sweden and MTT BV, a micro gas turbine manufacturer from The Netherlands.

 My research interests

  • Process Modelling
  • Advanced Process Control: MPC
  • Process Diagnostics
  • Soft-sensors
  • Micro- CHP: Micro-gas turbines
  • Polygeneration


I have completed my undergraduate in mechanical engineering from Military institute of science and technology, Bangladesh. In 2015, I have completed my double degree master’s in the field of sustainable energy from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. My masters entitled as Environomical pathways for sustainable energy systems (SELECT) is a joint Master Program with Seven European Universities under Erasmus Mundus and KIC InnoEnergy Scholarship. In addition to that, I have worked more than two years for multinational giant- Unilever as an Asst. Maintenance Engineer and one year for reputed research institute- KTH as a Research Engineer.


Within FUDIPO project, I work with modelling, model predictive control and diagnostics of continuous pulp digester. Part of my work also involve integrated diagnostics and decision support techniques for micro gas turbine fleet.

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FUDIPO – FUture DIrections for Process industry Optimization Framtidens energi Erik Dahlquist EU Horizon 2020 SPIRE-2