About me – Madeleine E. Martinsen

Currently position Head of R&D Service at ABB Hoist & Underground Mining, I am also an Industrial PhD student within the Future Energy Center at MDH. I have more than 25 years of wide competences from engineering, internal auditing, controlling and management positions within both the Power and Automation Industry at ABB. Including abroad assignments in Germany, Ecuador, USA and Denmark.

I am a trouble-shooter with successful experience from “turning around” businesses. As a person I am enthusiastic, open minded, optimistic, curios, analytic, structured and result oriented. My driving force is best used within an organization where daily operational excellence is at focus as for serving customers.

Educational background

  • The Institute of Technology at Linköping University
    Master of Science, Industrial Engineering & Management, 180 p
  • Mälardalen University
    Technical Science, 83 p, Engineering & Finance
  • Mäladalen University
    System & Computer Science, 40 p, System Engineering

The ENSAF research project

As an Industrial PhD student I am involved in the ENSAF project, which focus is to early diagnose problems in mines´ underground facilities. Placing sensors both in the plants and on mining vehicles with continuously transmitting signals from these to a central diagnostic system, one can early detect risks of overheating that may lead to plastics beginning to emit thermal decomposition products. Following temperature, hydro carbons, CO2 concentration, CO concentration, relative humidity and flow, combining them with dynamic simulation models one can follow the development of the mine and compare the simulations to measurement data. This is then used as input to a decision tree system to assess the risks of such fires, but also to determine toxic gases that can be dangerous to humans and the machinery (corrosion).

Oil mist in the air from leaking hydraulics is another issue that we want to detect.  How different ventilation strategies affect fire security in mines is another area of the study.

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ENSAF – Energi- och säkerhetsdiagnostik för beslutsstöd i underjordsanläggningar Framtidens energi Erik Dahlquist Vinnova