About me – Jan Skvaril

I am an assistant professor within the SOFIA (Simulation and Optimization for Future Industrial Applications) research group in the Future Energy Center at Mälardalen University.

My main research focus is applied spectroscopy and R&D of optical sensors for characterization of solid and liquid materials, real-time process monitoring, diagnostics, optimization and implementation of model predictive control concepts in large industrial applications. My research focus also includes experimental design and performance, statistics, multivariate data analysis, chemometrics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Educational background

I hold a Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Mälardalen University for my research on near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) characterization of biomass materials and industrial combustion experimentation and modeling in large-scale biomass-fired steam boilers. I obtained a M.Sc. (Ing.) in Power Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and M.Sc. (Ing.) in Company Management and Economics, both from the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic.

Industrial experience

During my previous studies and employments I collaborated with CEZ Group (Czech Republic), Siemens, E.ON, Mälarenergi AB, Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö AB, ABB, and BillerudKorsnäs AB among others.

Teaching and supervision

Since 2008 I have been teaching in various undergraduate and graduate courses e.g. Experimental methods, Combustion and flue gas cleaning technology, Process modelling, Resources and energy conversion, Sustainable energy systems and Programming for energy engineers at both Brno University of Technology and Mälardalen University. Furthermore, I have been supervisor and examiner for many BSc and MSc thesis.

My research focus and interest

  • Applied spectroscopy for real-time feedstock/product characterization and process monitoring
  • Near infrared (NIR), infrared (IR) and Raman spectroscopy, and hyperspectral imaging
  • Research and development of optical sensors for remote sensing and machine vision
  • Statistics, multivariate data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence for chemometrics
  • Design of industrial and laboratory experiments
  • Industrial combustion and flue gas cleaning technology
  • Implementation of virtual and augmented reality to education


I am currently working on the SPECTRA project (funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation) on spectral measurements for prediction of biomass properties, and collaborating on the EFFICIENT project (H2020 – Clean Sky 2) on environmentally friendly fire suppression system for cargo using innovative green technology. I am also contributing to the H2020 FUDIPO project on future directions for process industry optimization funded by the European Commission.

Projekt  Forskargrupp  Projektansvarig  Huvudfinansiär 
DYNOP – Dynamisk Optimering Framtidens energi Ioanna Aslanidou KK-stiftelsen
EFFICIENT – Miljövänligt brandskyddssystem för lastplan som använder innovativ grön teknologi Framtidens energi Konstantinos Kyprianidis EU Horizon 2020 Clean Sky 2
FUDIPO – FUture DIrections for Process industry Optimization Framtidens energi Erik Dahlquist EU Horizon 2020 SPIRE-2
FutureE – Nätbaserade kurser på avancerad nivå Framtidens energi Ann-Catrin Davis, Monica Odlare och Adnan Causevic KK-Stiftelsen
MR-OMDO – Reduceringsmodell för tvärvetenskaplig onlineoptimering Framtidens energi Rebei bel Fdhila KK-stiftelsen
OPtiC-NIRS – Online styrning av kraftverk med närainfraröd spektroskopi Framtidens energi Konstantinos Kyprianidis Energimyndiheten
SPECTRA - Spektralmätningar för prediktion av biomassaegenskaper Framtidens energi Konstantinos Kyprianidis KK-stiftelsen