About me – Jan Sandberg

Since 1993 I have been employed at Mälardalen University (MDH), where I have also recieved a PhD in Power Engineering. Nowadays I primarily work as senior lecturer in Energy technology, and I am a member of Future Energy Center.

Before MDH, I worked at ABB Corporate Research for about 12 years. During these years, I developed calculation programs for cooling and ventilation problems, including CFD programs. I also worked many years at ABB with developing experimental measurement methods such as Laser Doppler anemometers for optical speed measurements and hot wire technology for turbulence measurements.

Educational background

I received my Master in Mechanical Engineering in 1979 at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, and later my PhD in Energy and Environmental Engineering at MDH.

Teaching and supervision

Since 1993 I have been developing and teaching well over 20 different courses, from undergraduate courses in Heat and Mass transfer, courses in programming and computing techniques to application courses on advanced level, for example Process modeling and Process optimization. I have been supervisor and examiner for many BSc and MSc thesis, as well as supervisor of doctoral students.

My research in more detail

I have principally worked on modeling and simulation of bio fueled Power plants. Both stationary and dynamic models of the process have been developed. Also partial studies have been conducted, mainly for combustion processes. Self-developed programs, e.g  Dymola and Modellica, have been used , as well as commercial CFD programs like Fluent and Ansys. To these works, experimental studies have been conducted to validate the models. The title of my PhD thesis was “Fouling in Biomass Fired Boilers”.