About me – Gero Meyer

I am a PhD student at MDH and do my studies in the field of extra-ordinary strain on construction. My focus lays on blast loads and response in underground facilities.

I came here to Sweden in spring 2010 to begin with my PhD-studies at Mälardalen Safety Science Lab (MSSL) in Västerås. I am originally from north of Germany where I became a building engineer specialized in timber frame construction.

Within my studies here at MDH I am trying to improve the safety and security of underground mass transport systems. I took part in the METRO project that was carried out 2011-2013. The explosion tests within the METRO project were the base for my research.

The results of these tests revealed interesting facts about the materials used for construction. I hope that my studies will give advice for improvements in the construction of mass transport systems and therefore increase the safety and security.