About me – Eva Thorin

I am Professor in energy engineering at the School for business, society and engineering and I do research at Future Energy Centre. Besides that I also have some administrative tasks at the School.

Research interests

My research concerns measurements, modeling and simulation of processes and systems for energy conversion with special emphasis on thermal and biological conversion of  biomass to power, heat and biogas. The research work has included: development of a system for measuring the moisture content of a bulk mass of biofuel with radio frequency radiation, simulation of heat and power processes to study integration of production of fuels such as ethanol, pellets and biogas into existing power and heat plants, experimental investigations of possibilities to increase the efficiency of biogas plants by pre-treatment of the feed and process modification and effect of using the digestate as fertilizer, how to model the biogas production of a full scale biogas plant, simulation of regional energy systems to investigate possibilities to increase waste-to-energy utilization, investigation of the use of algae for biogas production.


A selection of 5 projects which I am/have been involved in:
Project  Research group  Project leader  Project sponsor 
ABOWE - Implementing Advanced Concepts for Biological Utilization of Waste Future Energy Center Eva Thorin EU, Baltic Sea Region Programme
Centre for Direct Gasification of Biomass Future Energy Center Eva Thorin Swedish Energy Agency
MAASICA- Microalgae based activated sludge process integrated with co-digestion of algae and sludge Future Energy Center Eva Thorin KKS profilen Future Energy
PyrAD-Integration of pyrolysis in anaerobic digestion Future Energy Center Sebastian Schwede Future Energy
SYDPOL – System Development for Power Plant Production Planning and Optimal Operations Future Energy Center Eva Thorin Swedish Energy Agency

BioGasOpt- Optimization of the biogas plant Växt kraft with surrounding systems, The Knowledge Foundation, 2008 -2011, project leader


Among the appointments I have or have had Vice-Dean of School, Director of Studies and Member of Faculty Board at Mälardalen University, and  Member of the organisation committee and session leader for the International Conference of Applied Energy can be mentioned.