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At the Student Health Care you, as a student, can come to get advice and support in health matters. Here wellness coaches and counsellors work so that you can stay as healthy as possible during your period of study.

Student Health Care

Student Health Care

As a student you can come to the Student Health Care to get advice and support from wellness coaches and counsellors during your period of study. All visits are free of charge; the staff are bound by confidentiality and they make no records.

Due to the Coronavirus the Student Health Care is now offering appointments only by telephone or digital meetings through Zoom or Teams.

If for any reason you don’t feel well or need advice and support you can book an appointment. Below you will find examples of what you may want to talk about, but you don’t need to know exactly what you need help with:

  • stress
  • depression, worry, anxiety or feaer of speaking
  • difficulties with studies, performance anxiety or always wanting to put things off until the last minute
  • crises in life, deaths, illnesses
  • relationship problems
  • health and lifestyle matters such as sleep, food, exercise, alcohol or tobacco.

If you fall ill

At the Student Health Care there is no medical health care provided. If you fall ill you can contact the 1177 health care guide or your health care centre. Bear in mind that it’s important to register your illness with Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Service) since it may affect your study loans. This mainly applies to Swedish citizens.

Insurance for students

As a student you are insured against accidents during your period of studies and also for travel between your home and campus. The insurance also provides cover when studying from home.

If you are an international student at MDH you might be covered by additional insurances also covering more situations. Please note that the insurance only provides a cover when you are studying in Sweden, not if you choose to leave the country while studying on distance.

As a student you should also have a household insurance. Most insurance companies have special rates for students. Contact different insurance companies for more information.

More information about insurance for studentsexternal link

Take part in the Student Health Care’s courses/groups

The Student Health Care arranges a number of courses and lectures that you may sign up for as a student. Here are a few examples. Contact the Student Health Care if you have requests for other topics.

Course: Stop postponing things

Learn how you can change your behaviour and stop putting things off until the last minute. At the moment there is no course date available to apply for. 

Course: Deal with stress.

What is stress and what can you do to deal with it? At the moment there is no course date available to apply for. 

Book a lecture

To book a lecture, contact the Student Health Care at studenthalsan@mdh.se or: 021–10 73 80.

Student Health Care

For other questions you are welcome to email us at
or leave a message at: 021-10 73 80.

Contact Försäkringskassanexternal link
Contact CSNexternal link
Contact 1177 vårdguidenexternal link

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