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Welcome to the Student Health Care

The Student Health Care's task is to support you students during your time here at Mälardalen University. We are three counsellors and a health advisor who are available for you. We work preventively and with health-promotion, partly by individual talks and partly by different courses and lectures. Everything we offer is free of charge, we have a duty of confidentiality and we do not keep records.

Further down on the homepage you have the opportunity to book a new visit as well as courses and lectures. You can also get in touch with us by email and telephone.

On account of the current pandemic and the risks with the spread of infection, all contact with the Student Health Care takes place digitally.

Sustainable health based on covid-19

The current Corona pandemic creates difficulties that we have never had to deal with before. To be forced into social isolation and to do everything through the computer could be just some of all the new challenges that could lead to increased ill-health. To experience worry, loss of energy, difficulties with motivation, as well as feeling frustration, are a few examples of normal reactions caused by an abnormal situation. We need to relate actively to this in an adequate way, and we at the Student Health Care are there for you if you would like support and guidance because of the unnatural state of society that is prevailing.

If for some reason you don’t feel well or need advice and support, you can email studenthalsan@mdh.se, ring our voicemail, 021-107380, or book an appointment for a talk through our booking page below.

Here are some examples of what you may want to talk about, but you don’t need to know exactly what you need help with:

  • stress
  • depression, worry, anxiety or feaer of speaking
  • difficulties with studies, performance anxiety or always wanting to put things off until the last minute
  • crises in life, deaths, illnesses
  • relationship problems
  • health and lifestyle matters such as sleep, food, exercise, alcohol or tobacco.

Simple tips for you who are studying from home

Create routines
1. Get up at the same time as though you were going to work or school. Perform your morning routines, breakfast, shower, get dressed etc.

  1. Make a ”work schedule”. Begin and end your day at the same time every day, preferably on a weekly basis. In your work schedule include lunch, breaks and walks as well as other everyday duties; also minimise distractions, such as messages etc.
  2. Do start the day with some energy-boosting activity, e.g. a short walk, SVT’s morning workout or perhaps stretch exercises.
  3. Log in to the programmes for which you are required to have material at hand, preferably 5–10 minutes before you start.

Create a useful workplace at home
1. For example use books/cartons or similar to get your screen at eye level when you’re sitting with your back straight with both feet on the floor. Do use a small cushion for your lower back to relieve this area.

  1. If you have the opportunity, use an external mouse and keyboard and learn to use keyboard shortcuts to reduce the use of the computer mouse or the touchpad, and also try to have some support for your forearms.
  2. Make a standing workplace with the help of an ironing board and a few books/cartons, by way of variation.
  3. Take regular breaks so that you can counteract the static working position.
  4. If you can, choose a special place in your home as your workplace; this is to make a clear difference between leisure time and work.

Mindfulness with Student Health Care

Student Health Care (Studenthälsan) is offering mindfulness sessions for those studying at Mälardalen University (MDU). The meetings are conducted digitally via Zoom and are held on Tuesdays on the following dates: 9 , 16 and 30 November at 07.45 to 8.15. Sign up no later than 07.00 before the session.

Sign up here to get a Zoom link. External link.

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If you fall ill

At the Student Health Care there is no medical health care provided. If you fall ill you can contact the 1177 health care guide or your health care centre. Bear in mind that it’s important to register your illness with Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Service) since it may affect your study loans. This mainly applies to Swedish citizens.

Insurance for students

As a student you are insured against accidents during your period of studies and also for travel between your home and campus. The insurance also provides cover when studying from home.

If you are an international student at MDU you might be covered by additional insurances also covering more situations. Please note that the insurance only provides a cover when you are studying in Sweden, not if you choose to leave the country while studying on distance.

As a student you should also have a household insurance. Most insurance companies have special rates for students. Contact different insurance companies for more information.

More information about insurance for students External link.

Take part in the Student Health Care’s courses/groups

On account of the current pandemic the Student Health Care will be offering only digital films/courses during the spring semester 2021. The Student Health Care will partly be offering a digital lecture dealing with loneliness, procrastination and stress, where you will be given information and tips about how you can relate to everyday life during the prevailing pandemic. We will also be offering an informative film about worry, stress and angst.

Course: Stop postponing things

Learn how you can change your behaviour and stop putting things off until the last minute. At the moment there is no course date available to apply for. 

Course: Deal with stress.

What is stress and what can you do to deal with it? At the moment there is no course date available to apply for. 

Book a lecture

To book a lecture, contact the Student Health Care at studenthalsan@mdh.se or: 021–10 73 80.

Test your lifestyle

Here you can anonymously test your lifestyle online. Once you have completed the test, you will receive a summary of the answers with tips and tools for support of change.

Student Health Care

For other questions you are welcome to email us at
or leave a message at: 021-10 73 80.

Contact Försäkringskassan External link.
Contact CSN External link.
Contact 1177 vårdguiden External link.

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