Text version of the video about International Student Exchange Program

Text version of the video about International Student Exchange Program

Text version ISEP


Hi, My name is Fredrik Berggren, I’m one of the international coordinators at MDH and I glad that you are interested in going on exchange through ISEP.

If you are interested in going on exchange through MDH you have two options; either going to one of MDH’s partner universities or through ISEP, for MDH partner universities the application round is open from december 15 to February 3. The ISEP application opens November 6 and the deadline is November 23. Please do not apply last minute.


What is ISEP?

ISEP stands for International Student Exchange Program and is a network organisation of which MDH is a member.

Going through ISEP you can study abroad at universities all over the world who are part of the organisation. For students at MDH we primarily recommend this oportunity to students wanting to study in the United States as we only have a limited number of partners in the US.

The number of students we can send depends on how many we receive.

Please note that selected students will also have to apply to ISEP centrally.

When you apply to ISEP centrally, you will choose between 4-10 potential host universities. Please note that you must be prepared to be placed at all of your choices. Therefore, only choose univeristies where you want to go!


What is the difference between goin on exchange through ISEP or at one of MDH:s partner univeristies?

With ISEP, there are more universities to choose from, especially in the united States.

Applying to ISEP you need to be aware that you can be placed anywhere based on your choices – it is not recommended for students who wnat to study at a specific university.

Going through ISEP, there is a program fee of 35.000 SEK which covers food and accomodation for one semester. You will also have to take a TOEFL test, for which you register after you have been selected. Please note that the test result will impact your placement options as universities base their eligability requirements on (among other things) the TOEFL score. Please make sure to prepare!

The ISEP application round is in November and the MDH General application round is in December-February. Students not selected in the ISEP round can still apply for exchange to MDH:s own partner universities. However, please note that if you are selected in the ISEP application round, it will have an impact if you decided to decline your offer and/or apply in the MDH general application round. You will then be place in a separate selection group that is only offered a nomination after every other applicant and subject to availability.

If you are not selected in the ISEP application round, it will have no impact in the MDH application round.

Make sure you apply for ISEP only if you are prepared to accept a placement!

Please note that for both application rounds (ISEP and MDH) you will complete two applications one to MDH and one to ISEP or your intended host university.


ISEP Costs

The fee for the ISEP exchange is 35,000 SEK and it covers food and accommodation at the host university. The fee will be paid to MDH before the exchange begins. When the student arrives at the host university, food and accommodation are already paid.

ISEP also charges an application fee US $100 and a placement fee at US $325

The TOEFL test costs around US $250

There is also a cost on 86 US$/month for ISEP's own insurance which is mandatory.

Costs connected with the visa application (paid by the student), please make sure to check the requirements and regulations.

Flight and travel expenses (paid by the student).

Students who withdraw their applications late in the process when placement has been made can, in some cases, be forced to pay non-refundeble fees to the host university.


How do I apply?

The application round is open between the 6-23 of November.

Apply through our application portal, the link can be found on the mdh.se Study Abroad page.

Please make sure that you send a pdf-copy of your application to the international coordinator at your School. Contact information can be found later in the presentation.

On the 4th of December you will receive a notice of nomination in the application portal.

You will need to answer the notice of nomination by december 8.

Those who have been selected are expected to attend the mandatory (digital) information meeting on december 10.


Application to ISEP centrally

At present we do not know how many places MDH will be alloted and therefore we do not know how many students will be selected. If you are interested, please apply!

Those selected will be expected to attend a mandatory (digital) information meeting december 10th

There will be a Q&A Session concerning the application via Zoom on January 19th between 12-13

Please note that the application to ISEP takes time and you need to gather and produce recommendation letters, motivation letters and the TOEFL test. Please prepare for the TOEFL test.

Students are expected to and responsible for doing their own research and making sure to adhere to requirments and deadlines.

The deadline for the official ISEP central application is in the beginning of February.


Is this the correct choice for me?

Before applying for any exchange opportuntiy, including ISEP, you need to consider your reasons for wanting to study abroad and your current study situation. A semester abroad should be an oportunity to expand on your knowledge and experience at the same time as making your education unique and focusing on what you are passionate about. Should you have any questions concerning your study situation or how a semester abroad will fit in your program, please contact your guidance counselour.


Eligibility requirements

To be able to apply you must:

  • be registered as a full-time student at Mälardalen University at the deadline of the application period
  • have a Pass grade on at least 30 credits at Mälardalen University
  • have passed at least 75% of the credits you have been registered to at Mälardalen University prior to the semester to which you apply for exchange studies


Before beginning your exchange studies you must:

  • be registered at Mälardalen University the semester prior to your exchange semester
  • have a Pass grade on at least 60 credits from Mälardalen University
  • have a Pass grade in the specific language requirements that the receiving university requires, TOEFL test for ISEP exchange


Selection criteria for exchange studies

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, a selection is made based on credit increments.

A person’s second choice can never outcompete someone’s first choice. If you cannot get your first choice you have the chance instead of your second or third choice. If you have experienced or previously been offered mobility you are placed in a separate selection group which is offered nomination after everyone else and subject to availability.

In case of equal points, selection is made by lot.

For more information concerning the selection critera please go to the Study abroad page on mdh.se (https://www.mdh.se/en/malardalen-university/student/the-student-centre/study-abroad)

If you have any questions concerning the selection criteria please contact the Admissions office; antagningen@mdh.se


More information

For more information please go to MDH:s website – current student click on studying abroad near the bottom of the page to the left, the you get to the Study Abroad page, scroll dow to the International Student Exchange Program button

Please also check out the ISEP webpage, isepstudyabroad.org. There you can search for available universities by clicking on start a search or study abroad and then start a search, type in Mälardalen University as home university, please note that this is subject to change.


Contact information

ISEP coordinators, Management Office Martina Delby, martina.delby@mdh.se Medea Eklund, medea.eklund@mdh.se

International coordinator for the School of Business, Society and Engineering (EST) Fredrik Berggren, est-international@mdh.se

International coordinator for the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering IDT Michaela Rohde, idt-international@mdh.se

International coordinator for the School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, (HVV) and the School of Education, Culture and Communication, (UKK) Christina Kääriä, hvv-international@mdh.se, ukk-international@mdh.se

Questions about selection criterias can be answered by the admissions office: antagningen@mdh.se


Thank you for listening!

Have a nice day and make sure to apply!


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