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International Student Exchange Programme

Take the chance to study at an English-speaking university in some other part of the world. The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) arranges exchanges with e.g. the USA, Argentina, Korea, Japan, South Africa and Australia.

ISEP is an international member-funded organisation that was founded in 1979, and of which MDH is a member. ISEP’s exchanges build on the principle of one student for one student. This means that MDH may send out the same number of students as the University receives. The number of places can therefore vary between different academic years.


Apply now

Application for an exchange via ISEP for the academic year 2022/23 is open from 4-22 November 2021.

Apply through an online application.

Who can apply?

Application for an exchange via ISEP for the academic year 2022/23 is open from 4-22 November 2021.

All full-time students at MDH may apply for places within the programme, but it is required that you:

  • have successfully taken at least 30 HE credits at MDH
  • have obtained at least 75 % of the credits for the courses on which you have been registered at MDH up to and including the semester prior to the final application date
  • fulfil ISEP’s language requirements. ISEP require a TOEFL test, which the students who are nominated need to enclose with their application to ISEP centrally.

Before you can commence your studies abroad it is also important that:

  • you have been registered at MDH in the semester immediately preceding the exchange semester
  • you have successfully taken at least 60 HE credits at MDH
  • you have successfully fulfilled the language requirements of the recipient university.

What does it cost?

The basic idea of ISEP is that it should not cost more to study in another country than to study in Sweden. For you as a student at MDH this means that the fee for the ISEP exchange corresponds to the cost of food and student accommodation for one semester.

Some additional costs will be incurred in connection with your application, which will be paid by you yourself:

  • 35 000 SEK. The fee for the exchange which will cover food and accommodation at the host university.
  • Ca US $430. The application fee to ISEP.
  • US $250. TOEFL Language test.
  • The cost of ISEP’s own, compulsory, insurance will be added.
  • In connection with an application for a visa, the cost of this may also be added; as a student you are personally responsible for finding out what applies to you yourself.
  • Flight and travel costs.
  • If you accept an offer of a place but at a later stage decline this, it may happen that you will have to pay a sum of around 2 000 SEK to the recipient university.

The application process

The application process to ISEP takes place once a year in the autumn semester for the coming academic year and it is divided into two steps:

1. Application to MDH

  • Application to MDH to participate in ISEP’s exchange programme is made through an online application. Applications are open from 4-22 November.
    Apply for the programme External link, opens in new window.
  • Students with the highest merit rating will be nominated for an exchange place within ISEP and summoned to an information meeting about the application process.
  • Apply to do the TOEFL language test as soon as you have received notification from MDH that you have gone ahead in the application process.

2. Application to ISEP centrally

(for students who have been offered an ISEP place via MDH).

  • The time for application to ISEP is in February 2022; in the application you choose up to 10 HEIs who are in ISEP. External link.
  • Bear in mind that it is important that you apply to a university that has a course offering that suits you. At each School at MDH there is an international coordinator who can help you to choose the right courses.
  • In the application to ISEP you must enclose, among other things, recommendation letters from teachers, a motivation letter and reasons for why you are applying to each particular HEI. All HEIs are categorised on the basis of how stiff the competition for places is. These categories will then affect how your application is to be formulated. For example you may select only one university with stiff competition among the first three search alternatives. ISEP will do their utmost for students to obtain one of their first three choices, but you should be prepared to be placed at one of all your search alternatives.

The TOEFL test

Most universities require good results on the TOEFL test for you to be admitted. On ISEP’s website there is information on what TOEFL results each HEI requires. This is something that students themselves must be responsible for finding out when selecting universities. TOEFL tests are arranged at different places in Sweden but there may not be much time then, so it is important that you apply as soon as you have been offered a place.

Before the application is sent in to ISEP centrally is must be approved digitally by the ISEP coordinator at MDH. The application will then come back to you, whereupon you send it in and pay the application fee to ISEP. Once ISEP centrally has gone through your application, an offer of a place will be sent to you.

It takes a long time to complete an application so make sure you start in good time.

Application period for ISEP

For ISEP there is only one application round per academic year. Students apply for an exchange for one semester.

Important dates for the academic year 2022/23

November 2021

  • 4 November Online-application opens.
  • 22 November Last day to apply. Online-application closes.

December 2021

  • 3 December Notification of nomination is issued. It will be published in the portal where you applied.
  • 7 December. Last day to apply.
  • 9 December. The nominated people who have accepted the nomination will be called to a mandatoru meeting about the ISEP application process.

Februari 2022

  • The application must have reached ISEP. The correct date will be announced later.

Mars/April 2022

  • Notification of nomination from ISEP is issued.

Selection criteria

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, a selection is made based on credit increments. When applying to ISEP, a competitive situation almost always arises since MDH most often has more applicants than places.

When selection is completed you need to accept your offer of a place to be able to save it. If you have been offered a place you will be invited to a meeting where information about how applications to ISEP centrally are made. If you are selected to make an application to ISEP centrally it generally means that you are guaranteed a place (if nothing unforeseen occurs) at a university in the USA/other ISEP universities. Unfortunately MDH cannot guarantee that you end up at the university you prefer most.

If there is competition for the places the following system of points is used:


20 points. If you have been involved in the Student Union’s international activities (at MDH).

HE credits

  • 10 points. If you have 30.5 – 45 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.
  • 20 points. If you have 45.5 – 60 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.
  • 30 points. If you have 60.5 – 75 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.
  • 40 points. If you have 75.5 – 90 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.
  • 50 points. If you have at least 90.5 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.

Completed courses as a percentage

  • 20 points. If you have obtained by the final application date between 80% and 90% of the credits for all the courses registered on at MDH up to and including the previous semester.
  • 30 points. If you have obtained by the final application date more than 90 % of the credits for all the courses registered on at MDH up to and including the previous semester.

More information

Formore information, please contact your international coordinator:

School of Business, Society and Engineering, EST est-international@mdh.se

School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, HVV hvv-international@mdh.se

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, IDT idt-international@mdh.se

School of Education, Culture and Communication, UKK ukk-international@mdh.se

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