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If you have questions about your choice of studies and the labour market, you can contact one of the University’s study advisors.

Help with planning your studies

Help with planning your studies

If you have questions about your choice of studies and the labour market, you can contact one of the University’s study advisors.

MDH offers study guidance for students who have general questions about studies and professions, but also guidance if you wish to get information about specific study programmes and subjects.

The art of choosing studies

If you’re unsure of what type of education suits just you, then a talk with a study advisor can help you to make decisions. See a study advisor as a conversation partner. Before the talk it could be useful if you have prepared yourself and thought about questions such as:

  • Who am I? What interests and qualities do I have? What do I want to develop?
  • What professions and study programmes seem interesting?
  • Am I qualified? What is required for me to be able to embark on a study programme?

The study advisor is an independent and neutral person who is well informed about the content of study programmes, admission regulations, degree regulations, occupations and much more that concerns a student before, during and sometimes after the period of study. In a pedagogical and clear way the study advisor will assist you to find the right studies for you, and your future profession. It is you who must make the decisions, but the study advisor is a conversation partner on the road towards these decisions.

Contact a study advisor for general questions

If you have general questions concerning your choice of studies and education, you are welcome to book an appointment with a Central Study Advisor. To reduce the risk of infection of the coronavirus, we can at present offer an online meeting or a telephone meeting.

Book a meeting with a Central Study Advisor for general questionsexternal link

  • Each meeting is 45 mins long and you can choose a study advisor if you wish under: "Välj personal (valfritt)".
  • Submit your contact information under "Lägg till dina uppgifter" i.e. name, email, phone number, and also some info about your question. And last but not least, whether you wish to talk to us on the phone or in an online meeting.

You can also contact studievagledning@mdh.se to get in touch with a study advisor. Telephone: 021-10 13 50, telephone time: Mondays and Wednesdays at 10.00-12.00.

Study guidance at programme and course level

MDH’s study advisors at the programme and course levels can answer questions about specific programmes and subjects, choosing courses, study planning, degrees and lots more.

Contact the study advisors by email, telephone or through MDH’s booking system.

School of Business, Society and Engineering (EST)

Study Advisor

Mikael Lindberg



  • International Marketing programme
  • International Business Management
  • Master’s programme (60 credits) in Business Administration
  • Master’s programme (60 credits) in International Marketing
  • Master’s programme in Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Courses in Business Administration, Economics, Commercial Law and History

Study Advisor

Christer Öhman



  • Economics programme
  • Bachelor of Science programme in Building Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science programme in Energy Engineering
  • Master of Science programme in Energy Systems
  • Courses in Building Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Statistics

Study Advisor

Susanne Porswald



  • Bachelor of Science programme in Industrial Engineering
  • Political Science programme
  • Courses in Political Science

School of Health, Care and Social Welfare (HVV)

Study Advisor

Maud Andersson



  • Nursing programme (Eskilstuna, Nyköping and Södertälje)
  • Physiotherapy programme
  • Courses in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Caring/ Nursing Science and the Caring Sciences.

Study Advisor

Eleonore Mihaljuk



  • Nursing programme (Västerås)
  • Specialist Nursing programme
  • Midwifery programme

Study Advisor

Jenny Eklund



  • Behavioural Science programme
  • Public Health Programme
  • Social Worker programme
  • Courses in Psychology and Sociology
  • Master’s programme in Work Life Studies
  • Master’s programme in Public Health Sciences
  • Master’s programme in Physiotherapy with specialisation in Behavioural Medicine
  • Master’s programme in Social Work
  • Master’s programme in the Caring Sciences with specialisation in Nursing

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT)

Study Advisor

Helen Lundblad



  • Information Design – Informative Illustration
  • Information Design – Spatial Design
  • Information Design – Text Design
  • Innovation programme
  • Bachelor’s programme in Innovation and Product Design
  • Bachelor’s programme in Innovation, Production and Logistics
  • Master of Science in Engineering programme - Production and Product Design
  • Product- and Process Development - Production and Logistics – Master’s programme
  • Master’s programme in Innovation and Design
  • Courses in Information Design, Innovation Science, and Product and Process Development

Study Advisor

Malin Åshuvud



  • Computer Networks and Data Communication
  • Bachelor’s programme in Engineering – Computer Network Engineering
  • Computer Science programme
  • Master of Science programme in Robotics
  • Master of Science programme in Dependable Aerospace Systems
  • Master of Science programme (60 credits) in Software Engineering
  • Master of Science programme (120 credits) in Software Engineering
  • Master of Science programme in Intelligent Embedded Systems
  • Courses in the fields of Computer Science, Electronics and Aeronautical Engineering

School of Education, Culture and Communication (UKK)

Study Advisor

Åse By



  • Primary Education programme – Preschool and School Years 1-3
  • Primary Education programme – Preschool and School Years 4-6
  • Special Needs Training programme including the government CPD initiative for Special Needs teachers
  • Special Educational Needs programme
  • Courses in the government CPD initiative for Special Needs teachers
  • Technical foundation year programme

Study Advisor

Ann Hagernäs



  • Teacher Education programme
  • Preschool Teacher Education programme
  • Secondary Education programme
  • Master’s programme in Didactics
  • Courses in the field of Didactics
  • Teachers and supervision
  • Supplementary Teacher Education (KPU)

Study Advisor

Malin Lundin



  • Analytical Finance
  • Master’s programme in Financial Engineering
  • Bachelor’s programme in Engineering Mathematics
  • Master’s programme in Engineering Mathematics
  • Language and Communication programme
  • Bachelor’s programme in Language and the Humanities
  • Courses in English, Swedish, Swedish as a Second Language, German, Comparative Literature, Mathematics and Physics

Senior Lecturer

Staffan Sandström



  • Chamber Music and Opera programme
  • Courses in Chamber Music and Opera

Drop In

Welcome to Drop In at the University’s study advisors

Location: Student Centre in Eskilstuna and Västerås.
When: Every Wednesday at 12.00-13.00.

Group information about higher education studies

If you work in school, adult education, the labour market or similar you are invited to bring your group to us at MDH to get more information about higher education.

For more information and application, email: studievagledning@mdh.se

Approved leave from studies

Approved leave from studies means that you make a temporary break in your studies but plan to continue studying the following semester. Programmes that starts once a year, a temporary break is vaild for two semesters. If you have particular reasons and can prove this with a certificate, you can obtain approved leave from your studies with a guaranteed place in your programme. Particular reasons may be social or medical. Other circumstances such as care of children, military or civilian service, or student union duties may also be regarded as particular reasons.

If you take leave from your studies without informing the University you will lose your place. Therefore it would be useful to discuss a possible break from your studies with a study advisor. Remember also to inform CSN if you have a student loan.

Application for Approved Leave from StudiesPDF


You may apply for non-completion if you don’t want to continue studying on a programme you have started. This means that you terminate your studies and give up your study place. If you have a student loan you also need to inform CSN. It may be possible for you to return to your studies at a later stage, but only if a place is available. If you do plan to return to your studies you should apply instead for approved leave from studies.

Application for Non-completionPDF

Cancellation or non-completion of a course

If you wish to discontinue your studies and do so within three weeks from the start of the course, you may make a cancellation at antagning.seexternal link. This may have consequences if you have applied for a student loan, so always contact CSN in cases of cancellation or non-completion. If more than three weeks have passed from the start of the course, you can make a cancellation yourself in Ladok.

If you wish to know more about approved leave from studies or non-completion, you are welcome to contact the study advisor for the course/programme, or studievagledning@mdh.se.

Credit transfer

You may include courses you have read at other higher education institutions in Sweden or abroad in your degree at MDH. Work experience is also something for which you may apply to have credits transferred. If you receive a decision for transfer of credits it means that you don’t need to study something that gives you knowledge you already have.

More information about credit transfers

More information

More information

If you have any questions, please contact studievagledning@mdh.se to get in touch with a study advisor.
Telephone: 021-10 13 50, telephone time: Mondays and Wednesdays at 10.00-12.00.

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