For MDH’s activities to be as good as possible it’s important that as a student you tell us what you think of your education.

Study environment

Study environment

For MDH’s activities to be as good as possible it’s important that as a student you tell us what you think of your education.

According to the Higher Education Act, students have the right to influence their education, and the University must endeavour to activate the students in further developing their education. After each completed course the students have the opportunity to express their opinions in a course evaluation, which is then compiled. If you wish to read the summary you can contact the School or teacher who is responsible for the course.

Mälardalen Student Union

The Mälardalen Student Union consists of students who endeavour to see that your period of study will be as good as possible. The goal is that all members will be secure and feel that they belong to a positive community. The Mälardalen Student Union also works for the rights of students to influence their education and study environment.

Student life

The Mälardalen Student Union is in constant motion. Their ambition is that there is always something fun for all members to do, such as pub visits, events, associations and rookie weeks – both in Eskilstuna and Västerås.

Student influence

One of Mälardalen Student Union’s most important tasks is to see to it that student influence is exercised at the University. This is to assure the quality of all courses and study programmes from a student perspective. A lot of the Union’s work is preventive. Examples of questions that have been pursued for the benefit of students is exam-free weekends, anonymous written exams, more departures with the bus service, better course evaluations and reminders about written exams.


If you encounter problems during your study period

Studying at a university means that you’ll be meeting new people that you’ll be solving problems with. Therefore it’s not so strange that problems sometimes occur. But there is help to be got in such situations.

It’s important that you contact the teacher responsible or the course coordinator in the first instance with your problem. You can also contact your head of division. If you want to know who the head of division connected with your course is, you can get help from studenttorget@mdh.se.

Have you been discriminated against?

At MDH there is zero tolerance towards discrimination and harassment. The University is obliged to investigate cases of harassment and victimisation as soon as the University gets to know that this may have occurred. Discrimination relates to unfair or abusive treatment that can be linked to one of the seven grounds of discrimination:

  • gender
  • transgender identity or expression
  • ethnicity
  • religion or other belief
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • age

If you feel that you have been discriminated against you can report this to registrator@mdh.se.

If you would like support during this process you can contact the student ombudsman. Bear in mind that a report is not always protected by confidentiality and may be a public document. If you wish to discuss your situation in confidence you may contact the Student Health Care or your study adviser.

AJ, Oj, Halloj

Report injuries, accidents or suggestions for improvements

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Student Health Care

At the Student Health Care you, as a student, can come to get advice and support in health matters. Here wellness coaches and counsellors work so that you can stay as healthy as possible during your period of study.

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Studying with disabilities

MDH offers various types of support and help so that students with disabilities will be able to study at the University on equal terms as others.

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The Student Ombudsman, your support during your period of study

There is a student ombudsman working at MDH, whose duty is to guide you as a student if you are experiencing problems during the time you are studying at the University.

The Student Ombudsman can for example:

  • listen to and discuss questions concerning the University’s activities
  • give support and guidance regarding rights and obligations for students
  • help students who feel they are discriminated against
  • guide students who have been reported to the Disciplinary Board.

The Student Ombudsman

For more information please contact the Student Ombudsman.

Student Ombudsman

Amanda Flores




Student ombudsman

Amanda Flores



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