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Schema och terminstider

Schedules and Academic calendar

Here you'll find information about your schedule and Academic calendar. Note that some date, time and local changes can still occur. Keep an eye on the schedule page for the current schedule.

The schedule for lectures for the spring semester of 2021 will be published 4 January 2021.

The schedule for written examinations for period 3 will be published during week 3. For period 4 the exams will be published during April. The re-examinations in August will be published in June.

Note! Some exams may be published later, but no later than three weeks before the exam.

The academic year at MDH consists of two semesters, the autumn and the spring semester. There are no official breaks during either semester but normally some 10 - 14 days around Christmas are lecture-free. Keep in mind that you may need to prepare for example group work for a paper during that period.

The two semesters are divided into four study periods each. Please keep this in mind when choosing courses, so that the courses do not collide. Also remember that the normal workload per semester is 30 credits.

Academic calendar 2020-2021


Number of weeks

Autumn semester 2020

2020‐08‐31 ‐ 2021‐01‐17


Spring semester 2021

2021‐01‐18 ‐ 2021‐06‐06


Summer semester 2021

2021‐06‐07 ‐ 2021‐08‐22


Period 1 autumn

2020‐08‐31 ‐ 2020‐11‐08

Period 2 autumn

2020‐11‐09 ‐ 2021‐01‐17

Period 3 spring

2021‐01‐18 ‐ 2021‐03‐28

Period 4 spring

2021‐03‐29 ‐ 2021‐06‐06

Exam periods academic 2020/2021

Exam period 1 autumn semester

2020‐11‐02 ‐ 2020‐11‐08


Exam period 2 autumn semester

2021‐01‐11 ‐ 2021‐01‐17


Exam period 3 spring semester

2021‐03‐22 ‐ 2021‐03‐28


Exam period 4 spring semester

2021‐05‐31 ‐ 2021‐06‐06


Re-exam period 1

2021‐06‐07 ‐ 2021‐06‐13


Re-exam period 2

2021‐08‐16 ‐ 2021‐08‐22


The following programmes taught in Swedish within the areas of Education, and Health and Welfare have different term periods:

  • fysioterapeutprogrammet
  • sjuksköterskeprogrammet
  • socionomprogrammet
  • barnmorskeprogrammet
  • specialistsjuksköterskeutbildningarna
  • förskollärarprogrammet
  • grundlärarprogrammet f-3
  • grundlärarprogrammet 4-6
  • kompletterande pedagogisk utbildning

Autumn semester 2020 2020-08-24 – 2021-01-17 (Number of weeks 21)

Exam period 1 autumn semester 2020-08-24 – 2020-11-01 (Number of weeks 10)
Exam period 2 autumn semester 2020-11-02 – 2021-01-17 (Number of weeks 11)
Note that this week is beyond term and self studies applies during this time
2020-12-28 – 2021-01-03

Different exam periods for the 2020/2021 academic year

Exam period 1 autumn semester 2020-10-26 – 2020-11-01

Exam period 2 autumn semester 2021-01-11 – 2021-01-17

Mobile app for schedule and resource booking

MDH have an official mobile app for schedule and resource booking, Kronox. With the mobile app you can search for your course schedules and book group rooms.

Mobile app is mirrored to the schedule on the web which means that it is always up to date. You search for your course schedules, and if you log-in, you can save your schedules. You can also use the resource booking for example book group rooms. If you are in a hurry and just need to find your schedule fast, you do not sign in, you will find your schedule anyway! The mobile app is called Kronox and is available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

More information

Fore more information about study and exam periods,
please contact the Examination Coordinator at admdrift@mdh.se or +46 21-10 14 50

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