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A mentor gives you an insight into your future working life

Would you like to get an insight, while you’re still studying, into what your future working life will look like? Get yourself a mentor!

  • The uncertainty around COVID-19 has had a negative effect on the planning for the academic year 20/21. Due to this the mentor programme this academic year is cancelled.

At MDH there’s something called the Mentor Programme. As a mentee – as you are called in a mentor programme – you will get access to a person from working life who can give you concrete tips and advice on how to think and act before taking the step out into the labour market.

Examples of what you can get access to as a member of the mentor programme:

  • Good advice when it’s time to apply for jobs
  • The opportunity to get to know your strengths and weaknesses better
  • Knowledge and insight into how things work in working life
  • An increased network of contacts


Structure of the mentor programme

The programme goes on during the period from October to May. After this the student meets their mentor regularly at times convenient to them both. Apart from this, joint meetings will be arranged in which the participants get the opportunity to exchange experiences.


Who can apply and how do I do it?

The mentor programme is available for all programme students at MDH in both Eskilstuna and Västerås. For the programme to be able to start at both campuses, there has to be a sufficient number of mentors and students at each city. The number of places is limited. Which applicants will be offered a place will depend on what mentors we have; there must always be some connection between the mentor’s profession and your study programme.

The joint meetings of the mentor programme are held in Swedish, but English-speaking students are of course welcome to apply and get a place if there are English-speaking mentors available.

Students reading in the penultimate year of their programme have priority to the mentor programme.

A mentor can give you an insight into your future working life

Would you like to get an insight into what your future working life could look like already during your studies? Then get yourself a mentor.


På MDH finns något som kallas mentorprogrammet. Som adept - som du kallas i ett mentorprogram - får du tillgång till en person från arbetslivet som kan ge dig konkreta tips och råd på hur du ska tänka och agera inför klivet ut på arbetsmarknaden.

Exempel på vad du som medlem i mentorprogrammet får tillgång till:

  • Goda råd när det är dags att söka jobb
  • Möjligheten att lära känna dina styrkor och svagheter bättre
  • Kunskap och insikt i hur det fungerar i arbetslivet
  • Ett utökat nätverk av kontakter

Mentorprogrammets upplägg

Programmet pågår under perioden oktober till maj. Därefter träffar studenten sin mentor regelbundet vid tillfällen som passar dem båda. Utöver det anordnas gemensamma träffar där deltagarna får möjlighet att utbyta erfarenheter.

Vem kan söka och hur gör jag?

På grund av osäkerhet kring coronaviruset ställs mentorprogrammet för 2020/2021 in.


Mentorprogrammet finns till för alla programstudenter vid MDH i både Eskilstuna och Västerås. För att programmet ska kunna starta på båda orterna krävs att tillräckligt många mentorer och studenter finns på respektive ort.

Antalet platser är begränsat. Vilka sökande som kommer att erbjudas plats beror på vilka mentorer som finns. Det ska alltid finnas någon koppling mellan mentorns yrke och din utbildning.

Mentorprogrammets gemensamma träffar hålls på svenska, men engelskspråkiga studenter är naturligtvis välkomna att söka och får plats om det finns engelsktalande mentorer. Studenter som läser näst sista året i utbildningen har förtur till mentorprogrammet.

Mälardalen University (MDU) has initiated a mento program. As a mentee (which is what you would be called in a mentor program) you will have access to a professional person (mentor) who can give you tips and advice in how to take the first step into the labour market and reach your career goals.

This year, the mentor program is aimed at the University's EFMD accredited programmes: International Business Management (IBM) or the Master's Programme in International Marketing (IM).

Studenter och mentor sitter samlade vid ett bord

Participate and enjoy the benefits of the program

By participating in the program and getting access to your own mentor, you as a student can get help in identifying your career goals. With constructive feedback, you will develop your ideas, overcome challenges and prepare for life after your degree. In addition, you can use your insights from the programme as a starting point for your empirical studies and thesis work.

Here are some examples of what you as a member of the mentor program will have access to:

  • Good advice when it's time to apply for a job
  • The opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • Knowledge and insight into how things function in working life
  • An extended network of contacts

The structure of the mentor program

The program starts during the spring semester and runs from January to March. During this period, the mentee and mentor meet regularly at times that suit both of you. In addition, joint meetings are organised where participants have the opportunity to exchange experiences. In total, you and your mentor will spend about 10 hours together. Examples of activities that can take place during this mentoring period:

  • Shadow the mentor during his/her daily tasks and meetings
  • Get tips on when to apply for a job
  • Together identify your strengths and development opportunities based on your desired future career. Brainstorm solutions together
  • Get advice and feedback on how to develop a good CV for the jobs you would like
  • Gain insight into the various duties and roles that exist within an organisation and how you as an employee can grow and further develop within the organisation
  • Together develop a network of contacts

The mentor's location can be both in Sweden and internationally. Depending on where he/she is based geographically, the mentor program will be implemented in real-life meetings or digitally. The mentor program is conducted in both Swedish and English.

Who can apply and what do I do?

This year's mentor program is aimed at those who are studying in their final year on an EFMD-accredited programme:


Mälardalen University has been granted EFMD-accreditation for the Master’s (60 credits) programme in International Marketing and Bachelor’s programme in International Business Management since 2017. The EFMD Accreditation Programme is an international accreditation system that evaluates economics programmes at Bachelor's and Master's level. Obtaining an EFMD accreditation is proof that a programme is of high quality and stands well in an international perspective in both education and faculty research.

Would you like to take part?

By the 30th November at the latest you must show your interest in the mentor program. We then begin the work of matching the student and mentor with equivalent or similar professional orientation or education. The purpose of the matching is to ensure that you both get the most out of the programme.

Register here

Send your registration by 30th November

Registration for the mentor program

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the mentor program, please contact us.

För frågor om mentorprogrammet


For questions about the Mentor Programme, please email karriartorget@mdh.se

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