Du som läser din sista termin vid MDH är välkommen till Avslutningshögtid den 23 januari 2020 i Aula Collegium, Eskilstuna. Högtiden är högskolans tack till dig för din studietid. Du kan delta även om du har kompletteringar kvar att göra i dina studier och oavsett om du har läst program eller motsvarande fristående kurser.

Practical information

Here you will find the most common questions and answers about the Completion Ceremony.

Ceremonies in January 2021

Are there guarantees that the Completion Ceremony will be arranged on campus in January?

No, given the current circumstances there are no guarantees that we will be able to arrange the Completion Ceremony on campus. We are following the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations and are of course hoping that the situation looks different in January.


Why haven’t I got any information about signing up?

Invitations are sent out by email to students reading in their final semester at one of our programmes. If you are reading at a faster pace or have read individual courses corresponding to a programme, you aren’t listed in the same way as programme students, but you are of course welcome to sign up.

Information about signing up is also published in our social media and on our digital screens around the University.

Why do I have to register in advance?

All students are welcome to the Ceremony provided they sign up in time and have received acknowledgement of their registration. After the final registration date, the number of ceremonies is planned based on the number of registered students. Therefore there will be no opportunity for late registration or for registering on the day.

Why can’t I come if I haven’t received an acknowledgement or haven’t signed up?

We plan the number of ceremonies based on how many of you have registered. Therefore it is important that you make sure that you have received an acknowledgement of your application. You must have received an acknowledgement to take part in the Ceremony.

Why can’t I choose my day and time?

We would like all students to be able to celebrate the day together with their fellow students and School. The ceremonies are therefore planned on the basis of the number of applicants after the final application date.

Why is it important that I check my details in the application?

During the Ceremony your name will be read out according to the name you wrote in your application. This name will also be stated on the document you will receive during the Ceremony. Therefore it’s important that the name is correctly spelt.

Why is it important that I give an email address that I have to check?

We will send information about the Ceremony to the email address you stated in your application. Therefore it’s important that the email address stated is checked continually.

What programme shall I state if I’ve read individual courses?

Choose the programme that is like or corresponds to your choice of courses.

What do I do if I haven’t got an acknowledgement?

The email acknowledgement is your receipt that you have signed up. If you haven’t received an acknowledgement at your first attempt, you will need to sign up once more. If you still haven’t received an acknowledgement you must email avslutningshogtid@mdh.se.


How many relatives may I bring along?

For reasons of space the number of relatives per student is limited to two persons (regardless of age).

May I bring children with me?

Children are included in the maximum number of relatives (two), regardless of age. For children the Ceremony may be considered to be both long and difficult to understand. We recommend that you make arrangements so that children do not need to come along. If this isn’t possible, somebody in your group must be prepared to go out if the child has a need to move about or if it can be considered by other guests as disturbing.

Unable to attend

What do I do if I or one of my relatives is unable to attend?

Email avslutningshogtid@mdh.se as soon as possible.


The Ceremony

Why do we celebrate the Completion Ceremony?

The Closing Ceremony is the University’s thank you for your period of study at MDH.

Do I have to go to the Ceremony?

No, the Completion Ceremony is voluntary and has no connection with your degree.

What happens during a Completion Ceremony?

During the Completion Ceremony the Vice-Chancellor and the Deans of School make speeches to the students. There’ll be music, inspiration from alumni, mingle and refreshments. You may also go up on the stage and receive thanks from the Vice-Chancellor.

Why is the Completion Ceremony in Eskilstuna?

In Eskilstuna there is an auditorium which is the biggest and most well-suited one for the event.

Why is it important to come in time?

All students are registered and are allocated a certain place in the auditorium. Students who are not in their places on registration lose their seats. The reason is that only the students present will be called out during the Ceremony. We close the doors at the appointed time, after which the programme starts. Out of respect to other participants we do not admit students and guests once the Ceremony has begun.

Can I sit next to my friend or family?

No, all students are placed on the basis of their School and name. The reason is that this will work practically when you go up on the stage. Relatives have free seating in the rest of the auditorium.

Do I get my degree certificate during the day?

No, you apply for your degree certificate when you have completed your studies. Read more about this on how you apply for a degree certificate.

How do I have to dress?

There is no dress code, but do look at pictures from previous ceremonies.

Can flowers be taken into the room?

Yes, flowers may be taken into the room. However, bear in mind that there are people with allergies so avoid having too strongly fragrant flowers such as lilies.

Can I eat the cake in spite of allergy or hypersensitivity?

Yes, the cakes are free from gluten, nuts and lactose. In case of other dietary preferences, fruit will be served.

May I bring alcohol with me?

No, it is not permitted to take alcohol into the University premises.

May I take photographs?

Yes, you are welcome to take pictures during the Ceremony from the place where you’re sitting in the hall. Outside the hall there is a photo wall where you may also take pictures.

During and after the ceremony we will be taking photographs. These pictures will be used in various social media and on our website. Do read about how we use these: hanterar dina personuppgifter enligt GDPR.external link

Where can I find parking?

Find the nearest parking by using Eskilstuna kommun.external link

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