Here you will find the most common questions and answers about the Completion Ceremony.

Practical information about Completion Ceremony

Practical information

Here you will find the most common questions and answers about the Completion Ceremony.

Digital ceremony

Why can’t the Completion Ceremony be arranged with the restrictions that we keep our distance from one another or based on what programme we’re reading?

The University has taken a decision that all events on the University premises are cancelled until 30 June 2021 to help reduce the spread of infection of the coronavirus.

What does a digital ceremony imply?

The Ceremony takes place digitally, which means that you need to have access to a network and computer, telephone or tablet to be able to join the Ceremony. If you participate, the document usually presented by the Vice-Chancellor during our physical Ceremony will be sent home to your postal address. Please note that this is not a formal document or a degree certificate.

Read more about how to apply for a degree certificate.

Will my friends and relatives be able to join the Ceremony?

Yes, you will be able to join the Ceremony through a link that you are welcome to share with your nearest and dearest.


Why haven’t I got any information about registration?

The invitation is sent by email to the students who are reading their final semester on one of our programmes. If you are reading at a faster pace or have done individual courses corresponding to a programme, these aren’t listed in the same way as for programme students, but you are of course welcome to sign up.

Information about registration is also published on our social media as well as on our digital monitors on the University premises.

Where do I find the link to the event?

The link to the event will be sent to all registered by e-mail the day before.

Why do I have to register in advance?

All students are welcome to the Ceremony provided that they have signed up in time and have received confirmation of their registration. After the final date for registration there will be no possibility for late registrations.

Why is it important that I check the details in my registration?

Your name will be stated on the document that you will receive during the Ceremony. Therefore it is important that your name is spelt correctly.

Why is it important that I state an email address that I check regularly?

We will be sending information about the Ceremony to the email address you stated on registration. Therefore it’s important that the email address you state is checked continually.

What programme do I state if I have read individual courses?

Select the programme that is similar to or corresponds to your choice of course.

What do I do if I haven’t got a confirmation?

The email confirmation is a receipt that your application has been registered. If you haven’t received a confirmation on your first attempt you will need to re-apply. If you still haven’t received a confirmation you must email event@mdh.se.


What do I do if I’m unable to attend?

Email as soon as possible to event@mdh.se.

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