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Susanna Toivanen



Room U3-222,

Susanna Toivanen



School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Division of Sociology


I'm a researcher and a professor of sociology, and responsible for research and education into working life studies and sociology.

My research area is broad covering topics of working life and health, and social inequalities in health in working populations. Presently, the focus is on work and health among self-employed persons. Sustainable offices of the future is another on-going research area, with a focus on outdoor office work and its effects on employees' health, recovery, and new ways of working.

My teaching focuses on sociological aspects of health and wellbeing, social determinants of health and inequities, and working life studies.

As an in-house researcher at NCC Property Development 2010-2013, I conducted a three-year research project ‘Workplaces of the future’ with support from Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. I have practical and research-based knowledge of development of offices and workplaces, and experience of collaborative research with external partners. 

I have a long term research collaboration with the ELSA-Brasil longitudinal epidemiological cohort study in Rio de Janeiro in the area of work-family conflict, psychosocial work environment and worker health.

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