Noushan Memar



Room R1-256, Västerås

Noushan Memar


Doctoral Student

School of Business Society and Engineering, Division of Marketing and Strategy


I am a Ph.D. candidate in Industrial Economics and Management at Mälardalen University, and the Swedish Graduate Business School of Management and IT (MIT). I have BSc. in Management from the Eurasia International University in Armenia, and MSc. in International Marketing from the Mälardalen University in Sweden. I am also an alumna of the Nordic Research School of International Business (NORD-IB).

My research focuses on the subsidiary Managers and their activities intra and inter to the MNEs. I look into the challenges of the subsidiary charter change, especially the change caused by gaining an R&D mandate and investigate how "subsidiary managers" exploit these situations to enhance the innovation performance of the subsidiary. 

Alongside my PhD I am also lecturer in Marketing and Strategy at Mälardalen University.