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Care, Recovery & Health

Recovery from work-related stress - development of a group intervention

The aim of this project is to modify a Cognitive Relational Group Programme (CRGP), originally designed for treatment of clients that had been on long term sick-listing for stress-related ill-health, in order to use it to reduce experiences of work-related stress and support recovery for people who are still working.



Planned completion


Main financing



UiT/Norges Arktiske Universitet

Collaboration partners

UiT/Norges Arktiske Universitet, Oxford University & Region Gävleborg

Research group

Project manager at MDH


Lena Wiklund Gustin



Work-related stress is both a work environment problem and a cause of ill health. In the worst case, it leads to stress-related ill health and long-term sick leave. In the present project, a group treatment program is modified which, based on a cognitive, relational basis, has been developed to treat people who have been on long-term sick leave for work-related stress: The idea is to be able to offer the program already when people begin to feel stressed to support health and recovery and reduce the risk of ill health leading to sick leave

Project objectives

To develop a group intervention that can be used to support recovery from work-related stress before the person develops serious ill health problems and thus to avoid sick-listing.


In the first step people who experience their work as stressful participates in the original CRGP. After completing the program they reflect on their experiences of participating in the original CRGP and how that contributed to their personal recovery in focus group discussions. Based on these findings the CRGP is modified using a Delphi approach. Finally the modified program is piloted and evaluated with a repeated measures design.

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