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The project is focusing on the Work Program III (2018-2020) of Horizon 2020.



Planned completion


Main financing


Collaboration partners

SICS Swedish ICT - the Swedish institute of computer science

Project manager at MDH

Project Manager

Gunnar Widforss



HoPiiA+ is a continuation of HoPiiA

The focus is this time the Work Program III (2018-2020) of Horizon 2020.


  • lobbying for the design of the work program in Horizon 2020
  • contribute to increased participation in European cooperation and Sweden to take a leading role in the EU in the area

The work consists of the analysis and formulation

  • specify the requirements that best suits to be addressed in the Horizon 2020 in future research in PiiAs area. It should be done through contacts , interviews and workshops among PiiAs partners.
  • Explore how existing policies and calls can be improved, expanded or strengthened to better meet our needs.

The work also consists of identifying "addressees", venues / arenas

  • Identify the decision makers who have the skills , ability and power to do something.
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