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Innovative learning approach for circular chemistry in secondary education.

Project manager at MDH

Project Manager

Olga Hendel



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Description of the project

The Erasmus+ KA201 project CIRCLE-LAB Innovative learning approach for circular chemistry in secondary education aims to the development of teacher training courses and educational tools around the topic of circular economy with a focus on sustainable chemistry; in particular, the platform will offer several digital tools such as videos, games, interactive manuals for the education of the school players (students, teachers, families) with the aim of enhancing pupil´s and teachers´ awareness on sustainability and circular economy, supporting active citizenship, boosting their transversal skills and their interest in STEAM subjects.

To design a virtual learning corner, defined CIRCLE-LAB, focussed on the production of educational materials, videos, games, interactive manuals, links for an innovative training of teachers in the field of chemistry science and circular economy, shared among the countries participating to the project and with systematic dissemination actions in European school networks of undergraduates.

Project objectives

The project will consider identified needs & gaps related to circular chemistry education and in particular:
- need for a practice-based approach that provides innovative resources and tools
- lack of promotion of circular economy principles and ESD core competencies within chemistry education.

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