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Value-Driven Innovation and Foresight

The Value-driven Innovation and Foresight group focuses on how innovation is expressed from a value-creating service perspective, using broad inclusion and democratisation through Responsibility Research & Innovation Tools. The group also considers requirements to understand future needs, linking foresight and world analysis with the development of future business models.


Senior Lecturer

Anette Strömberg





Ongoing research projects

he current pandemic situation with the corona virus disease (Covid-19), has forced organizations to take measures in the workplace to limit the spread of the virus while maintaining a normal work pace. Some organizations around the world have moved to teleworking because of the virus where the immediate transition may prove to be challenging for both employees and managers in different ways. Thus, the project seeks to explore the experiences of individuals who are required to work from home as a result of covid-19 both from the employee’s perspective and the manager’s perspective.

Project manager at MDH: Adesuwa Omorede

Main financing: AFA Försäkring

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