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The research group for studies in democracy, power and citizenship, DEM

The research group has broad subject expertise comprising political science, social work, sociology and ecological economics. There is close cooperation with society, thus being able to disseminate new knowledge where it can be of use.


Senior Lecturer

Terence Fell



Worldwide migration, disputed globalisation and populist counter-movements raise new questions of democracy, power and citizenship. Established theories are put to the test and need to be reviewed, supplemented and replaced by others. The DEM group’s research focuses on these challenges.


Senior Lecturer

Mehrdad Darvishpour



Senior Lecturer

Joakim Johansson



Senior Lecturer

Eduardo Medina



Senior Lecturer

Bozena Guziana



Ongoing research projects

The project will supply the city of Västerås the necessary and sufficient means to better plan a socially sustainable neighbourhood.

Project manager at MDH: Terence Fell

Main financing: The city of Västerås' Technical and real-estate administration

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