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The research group ChiP

The goal of the research group ChiP (Children’s protection, prevention, promotion & participation) is to contribute towards and enhance knowledge regarding the right of children, young people, parents and families to equality in health and participation.


Senior Lecturer

Lena Almqvist



Senior Lecturer

Maria Harder



The group’s research is based on two perspectives:

  • Children’s and young people’s perceptions, opinions and thoughts about, experience and experiences of, as well as wishes and actions in their lives.
  • Adults’ understanding of how children and young people perceive and act in their lives.

This research is conducted by systematising existing knowledge as well as identifying and filling in knowledge gaps within the area. The group contributes further by transforming existing knowledge in practice by intervention studies, collaboration and co-production.



Maja Söderbäck


Senior Lecturer

Birgitta Kerstis



Senior Lecturer

Margareta Widarsson



Elisabet Häggström-Nordin



Emmie Wahlström



Doctoral Student

Johannes Finnman



Sara Ahlström


Senior Lecturer

Anna-Lena Almqvist




Heléne Appelgren Engström



Senior Lecturer

Anna Ullenhag



Senior Lecturer

Marianne Velandia



Ongoing research projects

The overall aim of this project is to develop and evaluate an intervention to promote time processing ability and daily time management in preschool children 5- 6 years with cognitive disabilities.

Project manager at MDH: Sara Ahlström

Main financing: Centrum för Klinisk Forskning Region Dalarna, Stiftelsen Norrbacka – Eugenia, Stiftelsen Sunnerdahls Handikappfond och Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter

Children with other ethnicity than Swedish are overrepresented among children with behavior problems in preschool, but more seldom receive special support. Children with other ethnicity is also less engaged in health promoting activities and more seldom involved in positive interaction.

Project manager at MDH: Lena Almqvist

Main financing: FORTE

Det övergripande syftet med projektet är att undersöka samkönade kvinnors erfarenheter av beslutet att bilda familj, graviditet, föräldraskap och erfarenheter av personalens bemötande och stöd inom mödra- och barnhälsovård

Project manager at MDH: Anna-Lena Almqvist

Main financing: MDH

The overall aim of this research programme is to develop, evaluate and explore the use of a counselling tool called the reproductive life plan (RLP) in preconception health and care in Sweden.

Project manager at MDH: Magdalena Mattebo

The aim is to describe the father group leaders' perspectives on and experiences of father groups.

Project manager at MDH: Birgitta Kerstis

The aim is to investigate what barriers to sustainable work practices for young people labelled as having complex needs do young people as well as professionals encounter and what do young people and professionals identify as possible ways to overcome these barriers.

Project manager at MDH: Anna-Lena Almqvist

Main financing: Mälardalens kompetenscentrum för hälsa och välfärd (MKHV)

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