Product and Production Development

The Product and Production Development research group creates knowledge on the renewal and development of products and production systems. The research is based on an integrated development where many stakeholders' and time perspectives are balanced.



Jessica Bruch



The research concerns the design, operations and improvement of the processes for product and production development. A major part of the research performed within the Product and Production Development research group focuses on Design and Operations of the Production System where the product is realised. The production system comprises components such as premises, humans, machines, equipment and software/ICT implying the need for a holistic view when designing and operating the system.

Key themes within the group are:

  • Production Systems Development and Industrialisation. Processes, information and communication for innovation, development and improvement of flexible production systems, aligned with product development.
  • Sustainable product development and production. Methods and tools, organisation and processes to develop products with low environmental impact that contributes to economic benefit. System analysis and description models of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable production systems.
  • Digitalisation, automation and technologies. Exploitation and adoption of next-generation technologies in the production environment.

Ongoing research projects