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Energy efficiency and reduction of emissions

In Energy efficiency and reduction of emissions, MDH researches in energy efficient solutions, effect problems, integration of renewable energy inbuilding environments, and development of sustainable cities which have energy solutions with low or zero CO2 emissions.


Senior Lecturer

Fredrik Wallin



MDH is also working out new solutions which can make possible a larger share of renewable energy, such as flexibility (demand-response, demand-side management, energy storage as well as solutions for linking together different energy carriers such as electricity to heat and power-to-x).

Focuses areas

  • Smart buildings with production and storage of electricity and heat.
  • Smart network systems.
  • New price mechanisms.
  • Detailed (energy) measurement and added values for new services, for example for efficient energy.


Senior Professor

Erik Dahlquist




Jinyue Yan



Senior Lecturer

Bengt Stridh



Postdoctoral Fellow

Eva Nordlander



Senior Lecturer

Allan Hawas


Senior Lecturer

Amir Vadiee



Associate Senior Lecturer

Maher Azaza




Jakub Jurasz



Associate Senior Lecturer

Pietro Campana



Senior Lecturer

Robert Öman



Senior Lecturer

Patrik Klintenberg




Hailong Li



Assistant with doctoral student duties

Ying Yang


Doctoral Student

Tommy Kovala



Ongoing research projects

The aim of this pre-study is to build a pilot but comprehensive WFE tool for Sweden that builds on SWEDIMS (SWEDish Irrigation Management System) by using the spatially explicit climatic data generated by SMHI.

Project manager at MDH: Pietro Campana

Main financing: MDH

The aim of this project is to carry out a feasibility study of how agrivoltaic systems, that are the combination of farm activities and solar parks, can increase the energy efficiency and economic viability of PV systems in Sweden.

Project manager at MDH: Pietro Campana

Main financing: Swedish Energy Agency

The project will carry out pilot feasibility of renewable energies integrated with energy storage into municipal, recreational, and industrial buildings.

Project manager at MDH: Jinyue Yan

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

The project aims to develop web-based advanced level courses within the research profiles Embedded Systems and Future Energy Center at Mälardalen University.

Project manager at MDH: Monica Odlare

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

The goal of the IEA PVPS program is to promote international cooperation and thus facilitate solar cell technology to play a larger and significant role in the transition to sustainable energy systems.

Project manager at MDH: Bengt Stridh

Main financing: Swedish Energy Agency

The goal of MAGNITUDE is to design and develop business and market mechanisms as well as supporting coordination tools to enable an improved level of flexibility for the European electricity system.

Project manager at MDH: Jinyue Yan

Main financing: The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme

The project will consider the potential contributions of negative emission technologies (NETs) to limiting the global temperature increase to well below 2°C or 1.5°C.

Project manager at MDH: Jinyue Yan

Main financing: Swedish Energy Agency

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