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Cyber-Physical Systems Analysis

The research group is focused on analyzing cyber-physical systems, as concurrent and distributed systems where embedded computers and networks monitor and control the physical processes.



Marjan Sirjani



Cyber-physical systems are integrations of computation, networking, and physical processes. Different novel analysis approaches and techniques are needed to guarantee dependability and efficiency of cyber-physical systems.

Ongoing research projects

The ultimate goal of the DPAC profile is to establish a nationally leading and internationally renowned research centre that facilitate close cooperation between academia and industry to achieve a significant increase in research and available knowhow on advanced dependable platforms for embedded systems.

Project manager at MDH: Kristina Lundqvist

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

The project focuses on modeling and analyzing event-based asynchronous autonomous systems for safety assurance, performance evaluation, and optimization

Project manager at MDH: Marjan Sirjani

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

In SACSys, we address the core question of how to provide run-time guarantees of safety and cyber-security for time-critical collaborative adaptive systems.

Project manager at MDH: Marjan Sirjani

Main financing: KK-stiftelsen

In Serendipity, we will develop new technologies and a platform for safetycritical connected cyberphysical systems that leverage existing techniques for dependable systems and augment them with scalable security solutions for open and heterogeneous systems.

Project manager at MDH: Mikael Sjödin

Main financing: Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

The project covers different dimensions in building Cyber-Physical and Autonomous Systems, including designing new models and languages for the timed and hybrid systems, new processes, and frameworks for building dependable CPSs and autonomous systems, new techniques and theories for formal verification and analysis.

Project manager at MDH: Marjan Sirjani

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