Welfare research

This group deals mainly with understanding the complexity of how people perceive their everyday lives in relation to the opportunities and limitations of citizenship.


Senior Lecturer

Anna-Lena Almqvist



Senior Lecturer

Els-Marie Anbäcken



The group´s umbrella perspective is Welfare Research. More specifically, it encompasses national, international and transnational, or in other words glocal, welfare studies, where the role of the civil society is of special interest. Moreover, this overall perspective facilitates a deeper approach on group members’ individual research subjects. This is exemplified by studies regarding children and older people as well as persons with disabilities. Countries included, apart from Sweden, are China, India, Japan, South Korea, UK, US and Thailand. In this group, we also have various collaboration agreements with different universities. We aim for a mix of PhD students and senior researchers, for an academic environment which is mutually conducive.



Ciro Aparicio



Senior Lecturer

Ildikó Asztalos Morell



Senior Lecturer

Munir Dag



Senior Lecturer

Jessica Holmgren



Doctoral Student

Carl Johansson



Zlatana Knezevic



Sylvia Olsson




Eric Svanelöv



Senior Lecturer

Lena Talman



Anchalee Thitasan


Senior Lecturer

Marianne Velandia



Manothai Wongsala



Ongoing research projects

The overall aim is to increase the knowledge about care practices, experiences of support and attitudes towards mental health and integration during the asylum process.

Project manager at MDH: Jessica Holmgren

Main financing: The Swedish Red Cross University College

Syftet är att materialet ska leda till ökad kommunikation och förståelse kring sin genomförandeplan, men också att öka brukarnas känsla av att kunna påverka och ha makt över sin egen livssituation, sina arbetsuppgifter, sin närmiljö etc.

Project manager at MDH: Lena Talman

Main financing: MDH

This research project focuses on finding an appropriate practice to develop older people´s quality of life-related to the health, participation and security. The intervention is introducing Lomwong Saansook Meeting using the PDSA wheel as a tool for lifestyle change. The research project lifts up the importance and needs of older persons´ own voices to be heard with regards to activities for them.

Project manager at MDH: Els-Marie Anbäcken

Main financing: Ministry of Public Health in Thailand

Project manager at MDH: Anna-Lena Almqvist

Main financing: British Academy of the Social Sciences, UK

The aim of the vignette study is to explore how family roles and relations are affected when it comes to caregiving of the eldest generation.

Project manager at MDH: Els-Marie Anbäcken

Main financing: STINT, MDH

This study aims to increase knowledge on assessment procedures and the use of manuals in social work for children and older adults, by analyzing differences and similarities in procedures, assessments and proposed interventions of identical cases made by professionals in Sweden, South-Korea and Japan.

Project manager at MDH: Els-Marie Anbäcken

Main financing: STINT, MDH

The overall aim of this thesis is to deepen the understanding of participation for adults with cognitive disability (> 18 years) in co-ordinated individual planning (CIP) from different perspectives and to analyse in what way professional creates conditions for the individual's participation in CIP.

Project manager at MDH: Liv Nordström

Main financing: FoU i Sörmland, kommuner and Region i Sörmland

This is a research and development study of how life is experienced by persons living with dementia at care homes in Japan and Sweden.

Project manager at MDH: Els-Marie Anbäcken

Main financing: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

The aim is to investigate what barriers to sustainable work practices for young people labelled as having complex needs do young people as well as professionals encounter and what do young people and professionals identify as possible ways to overcome these barriers.

Project manager at MDH: Anna-Lena Almqvist

Main financing: Mälardalens kompetenscentrum för hälsa och välfärd (MKHV)