Renewable Energy

In Renewable Energy the researchers work with processes and components for transforming biomass, with focus on waste streams, to heat, electricity and vehicle fuel, and utilisation of solar energy. A core area is enhancing the flexibility, to accommodate intermittent renewable energies such as solar and wind, and to meet the growing need of capacity.




Eva Thorin



Focus areas

  • Thermal conversion processes such as pyrolysis, gasification and combustion.
  • Biological transformation processes such as digestion and fermentation.
  • Domestic waste and waste water systems.
  • Microalgae based systems.
  • Recycling of nutrients from sludge.

Ongoing research projects

This project aims to develop artificial intelligence (AI) assisted solutions to optimize the dynamic operation of chemical absorption and its integration in CHP.

Project manager at MDH: Hailong Li

Main financing: Energimyndigheten

BREEMRES is a research training programme that will contribute to this important task by strengthening the academic education and research within the field of renewable energy and energy systems.

Project manager at MDH: Patrik Klintenberg

Main financing: Sida

The aim of the project is to produce energy in a cleaner and more efficient way.

Project manager at MDH: Ioanna Aslanidou

Main financing: KK-stiftelsen

The purpose of the project is to identify areas of research that is of interest for future study and connects to the economy of biogas plants.

Project manager at MDH: Eva Nordlander

Main financing: Mälarenergi, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, Vafab Miljö

This project takes a system perspective on possible collaboration between variable electricity production and storage options in connection to district heating production. The main purpose is to utilize excess heat that arises during energy conversion for storage.

Project manager at MDH: Bengt Stridh

Main financing: Energimyndigheten

The goal of the IEA PVPS program is to promote international cooperation and thus facilitate solar cell technology to play a larger and significant role in the transition to sustainable energy systems.

Project manager at MDH: Bengt Stridh

Main financing: Swedish Energy Agency

Projektets allmänna mål är att göra Power-to-gas-teknologin till en livskraftig lösning för långvarig lagring.

Project manager at MDH: Konstantinos Kyprianidis

Main financing: ERA-NET (Energimyndigheten)

Together we focus on a common commitment to improve energy production, distribution and use of energy.

Project manager at MDH: Hailong Li

Main financing: KK-stiftelsen

Det primära syftet med projektet är att öka kunskapen om de tekno-ekonomiska effekterna av att integrera en hydrotermisk karboniseringsprocess i ett avloppsreningsverk som ett alternativt sätt att hantera och använda avloppsslam.

Project manager at MDH: Lara Carvalho

Main financing: VafabMiljö, Eskilstuna energi och miljö, Mälarenergi

Real-time characterization of material flows for optimal operation of combined heat and powerplants, wastewater treatment plants and waste management facilities and sustainable use of resources within circular economy.

Project manager at MDH: Jan Skvaril

Main financing: Mälarenergi, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, VafabMiljö

Detta projekt kommer att leda till förbättrad förvaltning av vattenkraftsektorn, ökad vattenkraftproduktion och förbättrad beredskap för extrema väderhändelser. Detta kommer ytterligare att bidra till Sveriges nollutsläppsmål och hjälpa samhället att utveckla bättre klimatreducerande och anpassningsstrategier.

Project manager at MDH: Pietro Campana

Main financing: Vinnova

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