Person-centred care and communication

The goal of person-centred care is a meaningful life for the patient.



Inger Holmström


This research aims primarily to study and promote the care of patients and their close relatives based on each person’s unique needs and prerequisites. The learning and work of the healthcare staff and students is also studied.

The point of departure is that person-centred care and communication is able to improve caring processes and patient satisfaction, as a result of the care given. The group is interdisciplinary and includes researchers from the caring sciences, psychology and sociology.

Ongoing research projects

The overall purpose is to describe care and care assistants' experience of working in residends- and in home care for elderly during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden.

Project manager at MDH: Annica Lövenmark

Main financing: AFA Försäkring

The project will contribute with knowledge about emergency nursing to enhance quality care and patient safety, and in education.

Project manager at MDH: Inger Holmström

Main financing: MDH

The project aims to describe telephone nurses experiences of encountering calls with frequent callers, and their perceived stress, empathy and self-efficacy.

Project manager at MDH: Inger Holmström

Main financing: Mälardalen University

Det övergripande syftet med projektet är att beskriva fenomenet med frekventa uppringare till 1177 Vårdguiden på telefon, både från ett sjuksköterske- samt ett uppringarperspektiv

Project manager at MDH: Sofia Skogevall

Main financing: Mälardalens högskola

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