Educational Sciences and Mathematics

M-TERM - Mälardalen University Team of Educational Researchers in Mathematics

The M-TERM research group conducts research in Mathematics Education. This group studies and develops, together with teachers and principals, mathematics education in compulsory school and upper secondary school. The purpose of this research is to develop classroom teaching and to contribute understanding of what steers and supports the work of the mathematics teacher.


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The researchers focus on two major research programmes:

  • Good mathematics teaching in Sweden, Finland, Flanders and the USA.
  • To develop mathematics teaching on a large scale.

These projects deal for example with how the researchers, together with municipalities, can develop mathematics teaching on a large scale and on a long-term basis, develop research-based teaching material in mathematics, find out what opportunities for learning are created within the Mathematics Didactics project, and how digital technology can develop mathematics teaching.

The group cooperates with researchers nationally (for example Umeå University and Örebro University) and internationally (for example the University of Helsinki and the University of Pennsylvania).

Ongoing research projects

The aim of Count on Västerås is to establish good mathematics teaching in the municipality of Västerås and to contribute to research on how to improve mathematics education at scale.

Project manager at MDH: Andreas Ryve

Main financing: Västerås municipality

The project aims at developing research-based curriculum resources that are usable in school practices.

Project manager at MDH: Andreas Ryve

Main financing: Sparbanken Rekarne, Eskilstuna municipality

The project aim to increase understanding of elementary mathematics teachers’ capacity to use curriculum resources well and the factors influencing it.

Project manager at MDH: Andreas Ryve

Main financing: The Swedish Research Council

Theory-building on teachers’ use of curriculum material, the Swedish discourse on effective classroom teaching and to insights of value in designing large-scale curriculum-based professional development projects for mathematics teachers.

Project manager at MDH: Andreas Ryve

Main financing: Swedish Research Council

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