Innovation and Product Realisation

Human organising in entrepreneurship, innovation, and quality management (Human)

In the context of global phenomena such as the emergence of new digital technologies and the need to achieve a sustainable world, innovation is at the core of many organizations today.

The research group Human organising in entrepreneurship, innovation, and quality management (Human) interest is in the exploration of the micro-foundations of innovation and change processes that enables different kinds of innovations in organisations – such as process, product and service innovations, or workplace innovations related to health and quality in the workplace.

A key focus to understand what enables and prevents innovation and change processes in working life is the social dynamics and cultural aspects that emerge from the social interaction between people in different working life contexts. Thus, phenomena-driven research and a process perspective are commonly used to understand how and why innovation and change occurs.


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The research group consists of an international team of researchers with diverse scientific background and work collaboratively with the private and public sector to coproduce knowledge. Together the group strive to contribute to research, practice and policy by providing possible solutions for individual, organisational and societal challenges.

Main research area

  • innovation and change at the individual, group and organisational level
  • innovation in intra- and inter-organizational interactions
  • enabling Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Quality (EIQ)
  • change processes related to Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Quality management (EIQ)


Here is the list of our upcoming seminars. Members of IDT receive invites automatically. If you do not belong to IDT and would like to attend, which hope you do, please email Peter Johansson or Rachael Tripney Berglund and you will receive the zoom link and recommended preparations reading.





Theme & guest

13 Sep



Digital ambidexterity in public sector
Johan Magnusson External link., professor of information systems,
director at SCDI and acting head of the department
of Applied IT at the University of Gothenburg.

11 Oct



Educational innovation:
Keith Sawyer, Professor in Educational
Innovations at the University of North
Carolina in Chapel Hill

8 Nov



Critical realism for
interdisciplinary research:
Berth Danermark. Professor Emeritus
at Örebro University in Sweden.

7 Dec



Implementation and Performance Management
Organisation och team interventioner:
Christine Ipsen, Head of section, Associate Professor,
Department of Technology,
Management and Economics Innovation.


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Ongoing research projects

Koordinerande och motiverande faktorer har stor betydelse för arbetsgruppers samarbete, för medarbetarnas individuella kreativitet och välbefinnande, vilket kan vara avgörande i organisationers utvecklingsprocesser. Genom gruppmedlemmars sociala interaktion under idéutveckling skapas gemensam förståelse för arbetsuppgifternas problematik och syftar till att uppnå gemensamma hållbara lösningar.

Project manager at MDH: Bengt Köping Olsson

Main financing: Volvo Construction Equipment

Företagen är beroende av anställdas hälsa och kreativitet för att förbli konkurrenskraftiga och innovativa. Forskning har visat att arbetsrelaterade initiativ baserade på positiv psykologi ger både ökat välbefinnande och prestation i arbetet samtidigt som stress och risk för utbrändhet minskar (Meyers et al. (2013)).

Project manager at MDH: Yvonne Lagrosen

Main financing: Volvo App

he current pandemic situation with the corona virus disease (Covid-19), has forced organizations to take measures in the workplace to limit the spread of the virus while maintaining a normal work pace. Some organizations around the world have moved to teleworking because of the virus where the immediate transition may prove to be challenging for both employees and managers in different ways. Thus, the project seeks to explore the experiences of individuals who are required to work from home as a result of covid-19 both from the employee’s perspective and the manager’s perspective.

Project manager at MDH: Adesuwa Omorede

Main financing: AFA Försäkring

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