Cyber-Physical Systems Analysis

The research group is focused on analyzing cyber-physical systems, as concurrent and distributed systems where embedded computers and networks monitor and control the physical processes.



Marjan Sirjani



Cyber-physical systems are integrations of computation, networking, and physical processes. Different novel analysis approaches and techniques are needed to guarantee dependability and efficiency of cyber-physical systems.

Ongoing research projects

The ultimate goal of the DPAC profile is to establish a nationally leading and internationally renowned research centre that facilitate close cooperation between academia and industry to achieve a significant increase in research and available knowhow on advanced dependable platforms for embedded systems.

Project manager at MDH: Kristina Lundqvist

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

The project focuses on modeling and analyzing event-based asynchronous autonomous systems for safety assurance, performance evaluation, and optimization

Project manager at MDH: Marjan Sirjani

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

In SACSys, we address the core question of how to provide run-time guarantees of safety and cyber-security for time-critical collaborative adaptive systems.

Project manager at MDH: Marjan Sirjani

Main financing: KK-stiftelsen

In Serendipity, we will develop new technologies and a platform for safetycritical connected cyberphysical systems that leverage existing techniques for dependable systems and augment them with scalable security solutions for open and heterogeneous systems.

Project manager at MDH: Mikael Sjödin

Main financing: Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

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