Care, Recovery & Health

The group’s research is directed towards developing and applying scientific knowledge of how different forms of care and nursing can contribute towards human recovery and health.



Margareta Asp




Lena Wiklund Gustin



A common starting point for the research is to seek understanding of the unique individual and to find ways of strengthening people’s personal resources for health and well-being. Apart from research that enhances knowledge of care and nursing, recovery and health, research is also conducted that focuses on how this knowledge can be disseminated and applied in education, health and welfare as well as in social work.

The goal of the group’s scientific work is to contribute knowledge that can form the basis for developing support, care and nursing to promote health and to ease suffering.

Ongoing research projects

The primary purpose of the project is to deepen the knowledge about older persons´ participation in emergency situations at home, involving municipal care personnel and prehospital emergency care.

Project manager at MDH: Anna Hjalmarsson

The aim of this project is to modify a Cognitive Relational Group Program, originally designed for treatment of clients that had been on long term sick-listing, and use it preventively to reduce experiences of work-related stress and increase self-compassion among people who experience work related stress without being sick-listed.

Project manager at MDH: Lena Wiklund Gustin

The overall purpose is to investigate the work situation of newly graduated registered nurses (NGRN’s) working in emergency units during the Covid-19- pandemic, their experiences, and management of stress, the significance of stress on their own health and on the care they provide.

Project manager at MDH: Petra Heideken Wågert

Main financing: Akademin för hälsa, vård och välfärd, MDH

The overall aim of this project is to study how students in psychiatric nursing can develope in their Professional role and how their integration of theory and practice can be supported. A part of the project is dedicated to Developing a recovery-oriented curriculum for mental health nursing. This minor project focus on the process of developing and implementing a new curriculum for the psychiatric nurse education.

Project manager at MDH: Lena Wiklund Gustin

Main financing: MDH

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