Project list - partner: Sweco

  • This proposal aims at creating a sustainable and resilient solution for high nutrition food in urban environments, and at the same time, minimize the impact on common resources such as water, energy and transportation.

    Project manager at MDH: Baran Cürüklü

    Main financing: Vinnova

    Collaboration partners: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, SweGreen, Sweco, Paul Taylor Lanthandel AB, Ica Focus, Areim AB, Bjerking AB

  • The project will carry out pilot feasibility of renewable energies integrated with energy storage into municipal, recreational, and industrial buildings.

    Project manager at MDH: Jinyue Yan

    Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

    Co-financing: Castellum, Eskilstuna Energi och Mijö, Flowocean, Mälarenergi, Nilar, Solkompaniet, Sweco

    Collaboration partners: Castellum, Eskilstuna Energi och Mijö, Flowocean, Mälarenergi, Nilar, Solkompaniet, Sweco, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology, Cardiff University, Imperial College, University of Victoria, Tianjin University, Sichuan University, Chongqing University

  • The transformation work to achieve Agenda 2030 presupposes a high degree of social innovation and collaboration in order for the necessary system transformations to be carried out - not least in municipalities and other publicly owned organisations. By further developing a successful Norwegian innovation program for Swedish conditions, the project will contribute to developing municipalities' (and publicly owned ports and energy companies') ability to innovate and interact so that the engagement from individuals, civil society, academia and business is systematically woven together with established activities and social missions. The project will lead to the further developed innovation program, under the name InnoCities, being disseminated to municipalities (and ports and energy companies) in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

    Project manager at MDH: Peter E Johansson

    Main financing: Vinnova

    Collaboration partners: Smart Innovation, Sweco AB, SIQ-Institutet för kvalitetsutveckling