Project list - partner: Karolinska institutet

  • The purpose is to study health promotion by supporting adherence to non-sedentary behavior in people in transition from working life to retirement.

    Project manager at MDU: Anne Söderlund

    Main financing: The Swedish Research Council

    Co-financing: MDU

    Collaboration partners: EST, IDT, Region Dalarna, Karolinska institutet, Region Västmanland

  • The proposed project will provide tools for the development of safety systems including a basis to continuously monitor and predict driver’s mental and physical (health) situation and based on these, can carry out suitable counter measurements to prevent/reduce accidents.

    Project manager at MDU: Shahina Begum

    Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

    Collaboration partners: Karolinska Institutet, Autoliv, Hök instrument, Prevas, The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Volvo Cars

  • The aim is to describe the father group leaders' perspectives on and experiences of father groups.

    Project manager at MDU: Birgitta Kerstis

    Collaboration partners: Karolinska Institutet