Project list - partner: Autoliv

  • The proposed project will provide tools for the development of safety systems including a basis to continuously monitor and predict driver’s mental and physical (health) situation and based on these, can carry out suitable counter measurements to prevent/reduce accidents.

    Project manager at MDH: Shahina Begum

    Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

    Collaboration partners: Karolinska Institutet, Autoliv, Hök instrument, Prevas, The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Volvo Cars

  • The main idea behind the project is towards retention of a sustainable production environment within Sweden, by minimizing outsourcing and creating more job opportunities. In addition, the reduction in alcohol related traffic fatalities will potentially save 1000s of lives worldwide each year.

    Main financing: Vinnova

    Collaboration partners: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Autoliv, HåJa, Hök instrument, LEXI CONSULTING SWEDEN, Senseair, Syntronic