Project list - main financier: The Social Contract MKHV

  • The goal of the project is, on the side to carry out the study, to increase the scientific discussions at social work office at Västerås municipality and enable the researcher to investigate important professional issues.

    Project manager at MDH: Pernilla Liedgren

    Main financing: The Social Contract MKHV

  • This research project aims to map older adults´ (65+) multidimensional health, comparing intensive home-rehabilitation with traditional home care.

    Project manager at MDH: Margareta Asp

    Main financing: The Social Contract MKHV

  • The task was to carry out a knowledge overview to form a basis for municipalities and regions to work according to “best practice” in evidence based care for older adults. In the final phase of the project the study was focused on person with dementia – what is “best practice” from their point of view?

    Project manager at MDH: Els-Marie Anbäcken

    Main financing: The Social Contract MKHV

  • The educational innovation Pedagogical approaches and practices (PFA) is based on the interaction between Eskilstuna municipality and Mälardalen University that began in 2010. The previous collaboration has included a pilot / interventional study reports (2011; 2013) and a book (2015). Parallel to the collaboration has Eskilstuna in training introduced PFA practice into all care and support activities for people with intellectual disabilities. The work has been successful and has attracted strong national interest (bookselling and national export of education; 750 books have been sold, 230 employees and 20 managers have been trained in PFA) and also a growing European interest. This project applies further collaboration in documenting and evaluating the PFA in the international scientific community (so-called peer review) in an international scientific publication and that the shared knowledge and experience to create an implementation and evaluation model for PFA.

    Project manager at MDH: Christine Gustafsson

    Main financing: Eskilstuna municipality, The Social Contract MKHV

  • The aim is to develop, through co-production, knowledge about the opportunities for creating and improving the conditions for elderly people to preserve health and the opportunity for independent life and to improve, streamline and personalize care for the elderly.

    Project manager at MDH: Petra Heideken Wågert

    Main financing: The Social Contract MKHV

  • The puropse with the project is to develop, test and implement a web platform that aims to reduce older people’s social isolation and experienced loneliness.

    Project manager at MDH: Petra Heideken Wågert

    Main financing: The Social Contract MKHV, Vinnova

    Co-financing: Sparbanken Rekarne Stiftelse

    Collaboration partners: Eskilstuna municipality, Västerås municipality, Atea

  • The aim is to investigate what barriers to sustainable work practices for young people labelled as having complex needs do young people as well as professionals encounter and what do young people and professionals identify as possible ways to overcome these barriers.

    Project manager at MDH: Anna-Lena Almqvist

    Main financing: The Social Contract MKHV

    Co-financing: MDH

    Collaboration partners: Eskilstuna municipality, Region Sörmland, Västerås municipality, Region Västmanland

  • The project focuses on the consequences regarding identity and institutional conditions for the young participants in the activation program.This thesis project examines local activation of young people living on income support.

    Project manager at MDH: Jonas Stier

    Main financing: The Social Contract MKHV

    Collaboration partners: Region Västmanland, Region Sörmland, Västerås municipality, Eskilstuna municipality