Project list - main financier: European Regional Development Fund

  • The purpose of our activities is to meet Sweden's need of a coherent, sustainable energy technology hub for system services.

    Project manager at MDH: Fredrik Wallin

    Main financing: European Regional Development Fund

    Collaboration partners: Synerleap powered by ABB, Mälarenergi, Energimyndigheten, Stuns Stiftelse, Create Business Incubator, Studsvik

  • The purpose of the TransMission project is to consolidate a competitive vehicle region by supporting relevant stakeholders in the transition to fossil-free, electric-powered transport, with a strong focus on suppliers.

    Project manager at MDH: Anna Bird

    Main financing: Region Sörmland, Region Örebro, Eskilstuna municipality, Lindesberg municipality, European Regional Development Fund

    Collaboration partners: Örebro universitet, Alfred Nobel Science Park