Project list - main financier: Eskilstuna municipality

  • The project aims at developing research-based curriculum resources that are usable in school practices.

    Project manager at MDH: Andreas Ryve

    Main financing: Sparbanken Rekarne, Eskilstuna municipality

    Collaboration partners: Eskilstuna municipality

  • The Innovation Gym research group focuses on the innovatory skills of individuals and organisations and the ability to cooperate in innovation processes in which several actors cooperate and co-produce.

    Project manager at MDH: Tomas Backström

    Main financing: Sparbanksstiftelsen Rekarne, Eskilstuna municipality

  • In this project the researchers follow two departments in a municipality where shared leadership is introduced to lead in a more inclusive way and to develop more collaborative work practices.

    Project manager at MDH: Inti Lammi

    Main financing: Eskilstuna municipality

  • The educational innovation Pedagogical approaches and practices (PFA) is based on the interaction between Eskilstuna municipality and Mälardalen University that began in 2010. The previous collaboration has included a pilot / interventional study reports (2011; 2013) and a book (2015). Parallel to the collaboration has Eskilstuna in training introduced PFA practice into all care and support activities for people with intellectual disabilities. The work has been successful and has attracted strong national interest (bookselling and national export of education; 750 books have been sold, 230 employees and 20 managers have been trained in PFA) and also a growing European interest. This project applies further collaboration in documenting and evaluating the PFA in the international scientific community (so-called peer review) in an international scientific publication and that the shared knowledge and experience to create an implementation and evaluation model for PFA.

    Project manager at MDH: Christine Gustafsson

    Main financing: Eskilstuna municipality, The Social Contract MKHV

  • The purpose of the TransMission project is to consolidate a competitive vehicle region by supporting relevant stakeholders in the transition to fossil-free, electric-powered transport, with a strong focus on suppliers.

    Project manager at MDH: Anna Bird

    Main financing: Region Sörmland, Region Örebro, Eskilstuna municipality, Lindesberg municipality, European Regional Development Fund

    Collaboration partners: Örebro universitet, Alfred Nobel Science Park

  • This single-case research study, with a mixed-methods approach, included six people with dementia and 11 care staff in a nursing home setting

    Project manager at MDH: Annelie Gusdal

    Main financing: Eskilstuna municipality, School of Health Care and Social Welfare MDH

    Collaboration partners: ErgoNova Sverige

  • The overall aim of the evaluation has been to 1) examine the validity of the VIP program, ie. the program theory or logic model of VIP, 2) examine how the progam was carried out, ie. program fidelity and 3) evaluate the program's results, ie. if participation in VIP leads to positive change for women and menregarding mental health, exposure to violence and Sense of conherence (KASAM).  

    Project manager at MDH: Christian Kullberg

    Main financing: Eskilstuna municipality

    Collaboration partners: Eskilstuna municipality

  • Projektets syfte är att utvärdera användningen av Virtual Reality i vård och omsorg om personer med demenssjukdom med avseende på personernas beteendemässig och psykologiska symtom på demens, livskvalitet och läkemedelsanvändning samt beskriva omsorgspersonalens erfarenheter av personernas upplevelser samt Virtual Reality:s användbarhet och genomförbarhet i omsorgen om personer med demenssjukdom på ett vård- och omsorgsboende.

    Project manager at MDH: Annelie Gusdal

    Main financing: Eskilstuna municipality, Vård- och omsorgsförvaltningen

    Collaboration partners: Måsta ängs akademiska vård- och omsorgsboende och IT-ansvarig personal i Eskilstuna municipality, ATEA Sverige, SPF Seniorerna Eskilstuna