Project list - co-financier: ABB

Module C11 addresses the concepts of data privacy, integrity and security in the context of Industry 4.0, cyber-physical production systems and connected industry. It provides learners with basic cyber-security definitions and models as well as practical information to achieve information systems certification against international standards and regulations like ISO 27001 and GDPR.

Project manager at MDH: Francesco Flammini

Main financing: Vinnova

Co-financing: Energimyndigheten

Collaboration partners: Linnaeus University, ISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Combitech, Westermo, Bombardier, ABB

Projektet tar fram ett system för online-mätningar i gruvanläggningar samt på gruvmaskiner och fordon

Project manager at MDH: Erik Dahlquist

Main financing: Vinnova

Co-financing: ABB, Atlas Copco

Collaboration partners: ABB, Atlas Copco, Boliden

The project aims to increase understanding of how future large PV installations should be carried out in Sweden as cost-effectively as possible, thereby become a guide for increased PV production in Sweden, by during year 2014 perform an evaluating of the largest Swedish PV plant with 1 MW installed power.

Project manager at MDH: Bengt Stridh

Main financing: Swedish Energy Agency

Co-financing: Kraftpojkarna i Västerås, Mälarenergi

Collaboration partners: Kraftpojkarna i Västerås, Mälarenergi

The research profile will focus on meeting future changes in energy systems by increasing and streamlining the share of renewable energy.

Project manager at MDH: Jinyue Yan

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

Co-financing: Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, Mälarenergi, VafabMiljö, ABB, Aspholmen

Collaboration partners: Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, Mälarenergi, VafabMiljö, ABB, Aspholmen

To meet the change in energy demand due population growth, knowledge on ineractions between vehicles, infrastructure and users are needed as well as on the roles different stakeholders have in the transformation to a fossil fuel free transportation system. The project "Pre-study of efficient and on-line transport systems in Västerås" gather stakeholder with the aim to enhance the transition to a climate neutral transportation system.

Project manager at MDH: Eva Thorin

Main financing: Vinnova

Co-financing: Västerås municipality, ABB, Tvinn, Mälarenergi, Bostads AB Mimer, Svealandstrafiken

Collaboration partners: Västerås municipality, ABB, Tvinn, Mälarenergi, Bostads AB Mimer, Svealandstrafiken

Detta projekt kommer att utveckla självövervakande och kontinuerliga inlärningsmetoder för att främja en bredare tillgänglighet av datadrivet prediktivt underhåll i kraftnät.Kontinuerligt (och livslångt) lärande har hög potential att stödja mer grundade och exakta underhållsbeslut genom att hantera förändrade förhållanden i kraftnät, som t.ex. åldrande av elektriska komponenter. Fallstudier med data som samlats in från kraftnät kommer att utföras för att utvärdera effektiviteten i de föreslagna metoderna.

Project manager at MDH: Ning Xiong

Main financing: SSF

Co-financing: Hitachi ABB PowerGrids

Collaboration partners: Hitachi ABB PowerGrids

The project will enable the anticipated learning machines for the process industry with potential significantly to reduce economic and environmental costs.

Project manager at MDH: Konstantinos Kyprianidis

Main financing: Vinnova, Processindustriell IT och Automation

Co-financing: Mälarenergi, ABB, Sigholm, EvoThings

Collaboration partners: VSICS, Mälarenergi, ABB, Sigholm, EvoThings

Increased digitalization creates completely new opportunities for speed and flexibility in the supply chains. This allows companies to collaborate with each other and with customers in completely new ways. The project focuses on data transfer between companies / organizations in a value network.

Project manager at MDH: Koteshwar Chirumalla

Main financing: Vinnova

Co-financing: Produktion2030, PiiA

Collaboration partners: Teknikföretagens Service, ABB, ADDIVA, Alfa Laval Lund, BillerudKorsnäs, Boliden, CARGOTEC Sweden, Chalmers tekniska högskola, Combitech, Empir Industry, Eskilstuna ElektronikPartner, FKG, Hexagon, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, IBM, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MITC), Outokumpu, SSG, Siemens, Blue Institut