The Earth’s resources are finite and the world is facing comprehensive challenges. The creation of a sustainable supply of energy is a must. MDH’s research in Future Energy Center is internationally recognised, and numerous projects are conducted together with private enterprise.

Future Energy

Future Energy Center

The Earth’s resources are finite and the world is facing comprehensive challenges. The Future Energy Center (FEC) is an internationally competitive research environment with a focus on renewable energy, resource efficiency and digitalisation – towards a sustainable future, in co-production with industry and society.

The research of FEC meets the future challenges in energy and environmental systems by investigating and developing processes and systems for increased resource efficiency and digitalisation in the transition towards a renewable energy system. A core area is enhancing the flexibility, to accommodate intermittent renewable energies such as solar and wind, and to meet the growing need of capacity. In co-production with the industry and society the researchers develop efficient and innovative energy systems that have less negative impact on the environment and that minimise emissions. This is vital research which contributes in a concrete way towards solutions to the global challenges of our time.

Future Energy Center conducts research within the following areas:

  • Renewable energy with focus on affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy
  • Resource efficiency
  • Digitalisation

Third-cycle studies

The framework of the research specialisation of Future Energy Center encompasses the third-cycle subject area of energy and environmental engineering. Furthermore this activity is involved in Resource-Efficient Energy Systems in the Built Environment, Array, Future Proof Cities and INDTECH.

Renewable Energy

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Resource Efficiency

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